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The category for Best Destination Services Provider at the Relocate Awards attracted some powerful submissions, particularly from international entrants.

Raman Narula, Formula India
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New Delhi-based Formula Group, winner of the Re:locate Award for Best Destination Services Provider, 2015/16, provides relocation and immigration services to corporates and relocation management companies across India. The judges commented on its 35-strong Destination Service Team’s passion, flair and honesty, and its caring approach, which emphasises family support. They also praised the group’s recruitment methods, its deployment of staff skills, and its “wonderful entry statement, which draws you in”.Perhaps the greatest challenge faced by Formula Group in its quest to provide outstanding service is the vast and varied nature of India. This was summed up in the first sentence of its entry, which read, “India is indeed a culturally diverse country, with 122 different languages being spoken and 330 million Gods being worshipped.”The company’s solution, as its name implies, is to use a consistent formula across the whole of the subcontinent. Referred to in the entry as the McDonald’s service model, on the basis that any McDonald’s burger in any McDonald’s outlet across India tastes the same, this was another aspect that caught the judges’ eye.Formula Group’s MD, Raman Narula, explains. “The key to a successful relocation is an in-depth understanding of the assignee’s needs and a smooth execution of the assignment, irrespective of the destination city or the religion or culture of the consultant, landlord or other stakeholders.“Our goal was to ensure consistency of service. This was done by ensuring a full-time team in every city across India, which was trained consistently, using our unique process and state-of-the-art technology, which maps the entire process online and ensures our teams follow it.”Raman Narula adds, “For us, processes are the guiding lights, but we encourage employees to think outside the box to adapt to different situations.” He quotes the example of an assignee whose wife used a wheelchair. During the relocation, Formula Group’s consultant and manager ensured that the new home was wheelchair friendly. This meant negotiating with the landlord the removal of certain pieces of furniture, and making changes to the kitchen and the bathroom.Assignee support is further demonstrated by the case of a family relocating to a Tier 2 city. “The relocation was in doubt,” says Raman Narula, “as the city did not offer the school and other amenities that the family required. As the relocation was critical for the company, we were asked to come up with ways round these issues.“We suggested that the assignee move to a guesthouse in the Tier 2 city and the family move to Mumbai, a 45-minute flight away. We worked out the logistics and cost of this, which included two lots of accommodation plus travel expenses for the assignee to meet his family every other weekend. Once we proved this option to be economically viable, we were given the go-ahead, and the family settled happily, reducing the likelihood of assignment failure.”Though Formula Group’s watchword in providing destination services is consistency, diversity is the name of the game when it comes to the recruitment and deployment of staff.“Employees are encouraged to take language courses,” Raman Narula says. “Our ‘culture desk’ concept is a crucial support. For instance, we deal with many Japanese clients, and, since most Japanese are not very fluent in English, the Japanese Desk acts as an interpreter and a medium through which they can express their requirements. It also helps our consultant to understand the cultural sensitivities of our Japanese clients.”As part of its mission to ensure assignments go smoothly, Formula Group strives to innovate. In the pipeline is a mobile app which will show an assignee their new home and demonstrate how to operate everything from the air conditioning to the hot water.Speaking after the award presentation, Raman Narula said, “We are surprised and delighted to have won, especially in the face of such stiff competition. This award will raise awareness of our brand and, we hope, differentiate us from our competitors. It will also enhance the motivation of our team.”

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