Creating success in relocation


Entry opens Monday 3 November 2014

Re:locate will appoint a team of independent judges from across the spectrum of relocation. Two or three members of the team will judge each category. The exception is the Relocation Personality of the Year award, the winner of which will be chosen by all the judges.

Judges are not invited to judge a category their company has entered, and sponsors, supporters and professional endorsers do not influence the judging process.

Details of this year's judging panel will be announced in spring 2015.

Judging process

Entries will be scored on a points system. Points will be given for the entry statement and five other criteria.

Entry statement

Each entry will include a 250-word (maximum) statement detailing why the individual, team, organisation, strategy or technology should win the award (maximum 25 points).

Five criteria

Entries will also be scored on five criteria, which vary according to the category. Entrants must supply a maximum of 150 words against each.

For example, the criteria for five of the awards are as follows:

  • Innovation and achievement, including challenges overcome, solutions provided, and measurements/benchmarks for success (150 words), maximum 15 points
  • Teamwork/effective and excellent customer or client relations (150 words), maximum 15 points
  • Leadership (150 words), maximum 15 points
  • Effective use of resources: time, staff, money, other assets (150 words), maximum 15 points
  • The entrant's contribution to the business or organisation, plus practical lessons/strategies and methods transferred to other relocation work (150 words), maximum 15 points

Full details of criteria for each of the awards are given in the competition rules.

Entry forms can be downloaded from the Categories section from Monday 3 November 2014.

A maximum of 100 points is achievable per award category.

The judges can use any material supplied as guidance, and will be encouraged to question the shortlist when choosing the winner.

This award goes a long way to recognising our employees’ professionalism, dedication and positive, can-do attitude.

James Walters Smith Stone Walters
Immigration Team of the Year 2013/14