Relocate Awards 2016/2017

How to enter

Entry opens on Wednesday 4 January 2017 and closes on Friday 31 March.

  1. Complete an entry form (downloadable from the Categories section from Wednesday 4 January 2017) for each award entered.
  2. Submit, in a separate MS Word file, an entry statement for each award entered, indicating what makes your entry inspiring and why you should win this category, in a maximum of 250 words.
  3. The entry statement should highlight, clearly and concisely, the factors/features that differentiate your entry from others. You must make clear the link to relocations/international assignments and avoid marketing-speak.
  4. Provide examples of how excellence has been achieved in five criteria (see entry form) in a maximum of 150 words per criterion.
  5. Email your entry, with the entry form, to

We welcome supporting material in a low-resolution digital format, as an MS Word file, a PDF (A4) or a PowerPoint presentation, to a maximum of five pages. You may also supply, via a link to YouTube or similar, a brief video (maximum two minutes) demonstrating the character of your organisation.

Please note that there is a slightly different entry procedure for the Technological Innovation category.

Call us on +44 (0)1892 891334 if you need further information or guidance.

Winners will be presented with their trophies at the Gala Awards Dinner, which takes place on Thursday 11 May 2017 at a fantastic new venue, the Science Museum, in London’s Kensington.