Jill Stein raises millions for US election recount

A former presidential candidate is seeking donations to fund a recount of the US presidential elections votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Jill Stein raises millions for US election recount

Source: Gage Skidmore – Jill Stein at the Green Party Presidential Candidate Town Hall

Jill Stein, a former Green Party presidential candidate, has raised enough money to fund a recount of the Wisconsin vote and is preparing to request recounts in several more states. An online fundraising page was set up to gather donations in order to fund the reviews in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The campaign has raised enough to fund a recount of the Wisconsin vote, with an election official confirming that they are preparing for the possibility of a recount.The request has arisen as a result of concerns about the potential weaknesses of paperless voting machines. Various states, such as California, have banned voting machines after security analysis showed the ease in which they can be hacked into. The BBC’s election results show that Donald Trump won 47.9 per cent of the Wisconsin vote compared to Hillary Clinton’s 46.9 per cent making it the first Republican victory in the state for seven elections.

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A change in the Wisconsin vote alone would not be enough to impact the overall election result and provide the Democrats with a majority. However, a combination of wins in all three states mentioned in the campaign could have a significant impact.A change in the outcome of the election result would have a significant impact worldwide, especially for US citizens looking to relocate following Trump's victory. 

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