Learning centres: A growing trend in the US

Learning centres are springing up up all over the USA, in workplaces, churches, and other venues. Distance education provider AIOA examines the trend.

AIOA children using laptop
AIOA is a private kindergarten-grade 12, college preparatory, NWAC/AdvancEd accredited school offering an individualised distance education. We provide a flexible learning environment, as we encourage students and families to take advantage of opportunities to travel, be active in their communities, and pursue their passions.A day in the life of Johnny and Chloe …Johnny is a typical 8th-grade boy who loves football and video games. He wakes up at about 7 am with his dad. They eat breakfast, dress, and head out of the door to catch the train together.Not every student gets to ride the train with his dad to work, but Johnny does, because he goes to work with his dad.This is not ‘take your child to work day’, but ‘take your child to work with dad every day’. Let me tell you about the day in the life of Johnny. Johnny attends a school called AIOA, an accredited school that meets all his academic needs. Johnny’s dad has arranged for a learning centre to be facilitated through his place of employment, so that Johnny and several other employees’ children can actually go to school at his dad’s place of work.Yes, it is called a learning centre, and it is a growing trend in the USA, with these centres popping up all over the country, in workplaces, churches, and other venues. Learning centres are set up with a facilitator whose duties are to answer basic questions about the facility, maintain order, and help the students in an efficient learning environment, while AIOA teachers remotely work with the students on their studies.At Johnny’s learning centre, there are eight other students of varying grade levels, and all of them study on their own computers and on their own coursework. The students and facilitator often take field trips set up by the parents/students to enhance their education and create a well-balanced learning experience for the students.Chloe is in the 10th grade and has two brothers and a sister. Her family chooses to learn at home in a homeschool environment. Chloe’s mother loves staying at home with her children to help them with their education and provide them with a quality upbringing.Every day, the children work online on their coursework provided by AIOA. Each of them has individualised curriculum and courses tailored made for them, based on their aptitude and skills.With AIOA, Chloe can work at her own pace without disruptions and issues that arise in a traditional school setting. She even completed her freshman maths class early and moved onto the next maths course in the same year.Without AIOA, Chloe’s mother says she couldn’t homeschool her four children by herself. Since AIOA is accredited and provides quality curriculum along with certified teachers to answer questions, provide tutoring, and grade assignments, Chloe’s mother feels supported and is confident that her children are getting the best of both worlds: a great education in a safe and nurturing environment, an individualised curriculum, and quality family time.For further information about learning centres and AIOA, visit www.ai-oa.org

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