Think Global Mobility Technology Webinar

Think Global Mobility Technology Webinar sponsored by INEO LLC

Think Global Mobility Technology Webinar

Insights and solutions

Tuesday 24 March, 2PM–3PM GMT

Brought to you by Relocate Global

Sponsored by Ineo, LLC

Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor


Ashley Daly, Director, Global Compensation Technology Solutions, Ineo LLC

Mike Gatto, CPA, Manager, Global Mobility, Ineo LLC

Ashley Daly and Mike Gatto will join Fiona Murchie to discuss managing a globally mobile workforce using the newly developed Net-to-Net Calculator in INEO’s Technology Suite, designed to support the international offer process and associated tax compliance.

Relocating workers internationally is widely recognized to be a complex proposition, from the logistical feat of ensuring timely immigration compliance to optimizing employee (and accompanying family) acculturation.

Preceding these challenges, however, is the often less visible step of formulating a viable yet competitive international assignment or permanent relocation offer.

We will be discussing practical issues, including how analysis of host country salary relative to home can help establish the viability of a permanent relocation offer, where local plus packages may be warranted, as well as how to address host country shadow tax reporting requirements for individuals on home-based international compensation packages.

This webinar will demystify the complex concepts and jargon associated with global mobility compensation and tax compliance and take the participant through case studies to bring strategies for addressing to life.

Discover for yourself how Ineo’s Global Compensation Technology and specifically Ineo’s Net-to-Net Calculator will provide the data and analytics required for tax compliance and strategic decision making.

Watch the recap of the Relocate and Ineo Think Global Mobility Technology Webinar

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