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Technological Innovation is one of the most hotly contested categories of the Re:locate Awards.

Going -there Technological Innovation

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This year, competition was stiff. As one of the judges commented, “Through the submissions for this year’s awards, it is clear that the global relocation industry is continuing to become more focused on using technology for progressive business transformation, increased efficiencies, and improved customer service, and to value add for clients.”Our shortlist included diverse and pioneering solutions to current relocation industry challenges, and was packed with outstanding examples of efficiency gains, improved customer experience, modernisation, and added value that went well beyond cost savings. But there could be only one winner.The judges were quick to understand the value of the GT Global Tracker from Going-there Global Destination Services, a simple, user-friendly, standalone smartphone app that collates travellers’ data and flags risks across the areas of immigration, permanent establishment, tax and security.Describing the tracker as “a great tool that can be used for companies of all sizes without adding complication to an already complex issue”, the panel said that the app provided an efficient, effective solution to the high-profile issues facing companies needing to track their employees globally.The tracker provides automated alerts where a compliance issue arises for either the company or the employee, with the ability for HR to locate and contact employees in the case of a security threat. Detailed feedback via an HR portal allows detailed reporting to authorities where needed.Liam Brennan, Going-there’s VP of client relations, was clearly thrilled that the judges had picked up on the tracker’s attributes. “It is fantastic to have peer evaluation of our app by HR global mobility specialists,” he said, “and it will be an enormous advantage to have the product recognised by this award. We really do feel we are ahead of the curve.”It is indeed groundbreaking that such sophisticated tracking is available to corporate clients managing assignees and business travellers, and the relocation management companies responsible for their day-to-day movements, in a simple form, without their having to be tied in to large-scale systems, at a price that makes it accessible to all, and with the ability to be integrated with a range of applications.As Going-there’s submission said, “The compliance burden on global corporations has grown significantly in recent years. The harsh reality is that this is unlikely to decline any time soon – and, in fact, may increase.”The app ticks the boxes for tax and immigration compliance and duty-of-care responsibilities.Global revenue authorities are increasing focus on taxing global corporations. The recent guidelines issued by the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting reports presented to the G20 grouping in October 2015 are driving this effort.Liam Brennan points out, “There will be increased attention on corporations creating Permanent Establishments in different jurisdictions, with the tax treatment of profits centring on where the value is created rather than where the contract is signed.”The Going-there app can track business travellers and assignees across borders and count the number of days spent in each jurisdiction. As a tax threshold approaches, an alert is sent to the traveller and the relevant HR manager. This gives the HR teams time to communicate with the line of business to understand better the reason for the travel, and to take the necessary steps with local revenue authorities and payroll providers.Visa start and expiry dates are also tracked and alerts sent as each threshold approaches, allowing internal teams or external providers to manage the compliance requirements. Practitioners know only too well the potential dangers of employees pushing the limits of work permits or visas. With the assistance of the app, HR teams will be better equipped to manage the risks and communicate with employees in advance of any immigration authority audit or inspection.The third danger point is, of course, the duty of care to globally mobile employees. Here, the app can play a vital role in allaying fear and ensuring a prompt response. In case of a security threat or natural disaster, the traveller can be located immediately and, if necessary, evacuated to a place of safety. The app can be extended to family members.Explained Liam Brennan, “Until now, there has been lots of talk around compliance, and compliance has become a burden, but nothing has brought a solution. This app will really help relieve that burden and put you in control of the issue.”What is truly significant is that the tracker has been designed as a standalone app. The data accumulated can be used with other assignment or HR data that may reside on multiple systems. As Liam Brennan affirms, “This is a quick, low-cost solution that can be implemented in a matter of days. There is no need to change tax provider, relocation management company or travel provider.”This worthy winner truly pushes boundaries, and takes a real step forward in keeping companies of all sizes, and their globally mobile employees, compliant and safe.

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