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New for 2015/16, this award recognises the strategic partnership between a relocation management company and its corporate clients, and the contribution that RMCs make to mobility, supporting business growth, moving talent, and maximising ROI.

MSI Relocation Management

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Winner MSI Global Talent Solutions ticks all these boxes. It offers an extensive portfolio of domestic relocation and international assignment management services, from programme planning and execution to immigration, talent acquisition, development and mobilisation, HR administration, and compensation and payroll administration.“Although MSI has been a leader in global mobility for 35 years,” explains CEO Timm Runnion, “our capabilities today extend far beyond traditional relocation management. In response to the increasingly complex challenges our mobility clients face with regard to globalisation, shifting economies, and compliance issues, plus the growing need to invest in critical talent, we now provide an end-to-end solution for improving mobility management and talent success within our client organisations.“The result is significantly reduced risk, greater cost savings, and improved productivity.”MSI also serves as a knowledge resource for its clients, through tax and immigration advisories, news alerts, a blog, white papers, educational workshops, and e-learning webinars accredited by Worldwide ERC and the Society for Human Resource Management. Its annual executive retreat brings clients, leadership and service partners together to discuss current industry trends and best practice.This breadth of offering was recognised by the award's judges, who said, “We were extremely impressed by the way in which MSI continually reviews and widens its range of services to support its client base. Its entry showed a clear focus on the development of new services to support global talent growth whilst continuing to provide informative employee data analytics to help clients to streamline their relocation programmes.“It is also a credit to MSI that, as an established relocation management company, it has been able to retain its flexibility in offering tailored services to meet the specific needs of clients’ relocating executives.”“Having the ability to work with one firm on immigration and relocation matters makes the entire process much more efficient.”The judges praised MSI’s integrated approach to service delivery. An example given in its submission highlighted how an initial request for immigration support had led to significant savings for the client in the areas of tax and social security and reduced the risk of non-compliance – all thanks to the proactive approach of the immigration specialists handling the case.The example was that of a US-based company that had recently expanded into the UK. It already had several employees on assignment there, and wanted to deploy another.Says Timm Runnion, “We discovered that the company’s UK entity hadn’t fully complied with immigration requirements for existing assignees, nor had it put in place for them certificates of coverage or tax equalisation policies.“Although the client had intended to utilise MSI for immigration only, our immigration specialists had also worked in mobility and were familiar with tax and social security requirements. So, in addition to facilitating immigration, they also advised on the appropriate processes in each of these other areas.”A testimonial supplied by one HR director client demonstrated the value placed on MSI’s integrated services. “Having the ability to work with one firm on immigration and relocation matters,” it said, “makes the entire process much more efficient.”Describing the Gala Awards Dinner as “a spectacular event – exceptional and thoroughly enjoyable”, Elaine Phipps, VP for the EMEA region, said as she collected the trophy, “We are delighted at winning this prestigious award, and are pleased to be able to share it with both our internal team and our clients.”Says Timm Runnion, “This award demonstrates the continued recognition of MSI as a top-rated global talent solutions company. I would like to pay particular appreciation to our family of dedicated employees around the globe, their teamwork and commitment to expanding our value to our corporate clients and making this award possible.”

Following record attendance at this year's gala dinner, the Relocate team is already hard at work to ensure we build on the success of the Relocate Awards 2015/16 and make next year’s even bigger and better.

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