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As the latest surveys show, compliance continues to be one of the biggest challenges for companies that are relocating employees and their families.

Pro-Link GLOBAL winners of immigration team of the year

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As the latest surveys show, compliance continues to be one of the biggest challenges for companies that are relocating employees and their families.It’s therefore not surprising that this category, which recognises providers of expert immigration support, attracted a large number of entries.Said lead judge Gordon Kerr, “A fast and effective immigration service is a critical piece of the mobility management jigsaw, so it is appropriate to seek out and reward service excellence in this field. It was a genuine pleasure to review entries of such high calibre and from a wide range of countries and organisations. I congratulate all the firms who participated.”Winner Pro-Link GLOBAL supplies corporate visa and immigration services to multinationals worldwide. What set its team apart, the judges said, was the powerful way in which its well-crafted entry demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the complications involved in global immigration and outlined the solutions it had developed to address them.Also impressing the judging panel was the use of examples as a running theme to illustrate key points. One judge explained, “This entry tells a story, and by so doing helps us to understand the ethos of this organisation in building partnerships with its clients, enabling and empowering them to reach the best solutions.”The concept of empowering clients is central to Pro-Link’s ethos. Says CEO and senior global counsel Andrea Elliott, “Global immigration is fraught with change and differing opinions over a multitude of regulations. We empower our clients with quick solutions, integrated technology, complimentary consultations, and education to successfully manage their global mobility programmes and improve the overall employee experience.”An outstanding example of this empowerment and adding value for clients, the judges said, was the way in which Pro-Link had explained and contextualised Canada’s recent visa changes, which focused on new standards for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.Andrea Elliott takes up the story. “The new regulations brought significant procedural changes, and our clients feared that their employees might be stopped at the border. However, these changes presented an opportunity for us to educate our clients and explain why Canada had made these changes.“Not only did we provide our clients with complimentary e-newsletters, podcasts, and webinars on the changes, but we also held countless one-on-one phone calls and stakeholder meetings. Our clients are thrilled with the leadership we take in owning solutions that impact their overall business performance.”This was an entry, the judges said, which made good use of the opportunity, introduced for the first time this year, to provide a brief YouTube-style video as part of the submission. Pro-Link’s video was very effective in reinforcing the content of the entry form, and the interview with the company’s senior global immigration specialist in Brazil gave a sense of his and the company’s personalities and, as one judge put it, “brought a paper-based entry to life”.Andrea Elliott said, “We are absolutely delighted at winning in this very tough field of competitors. We are thrilled that the judges recognised our deep level of empathy and commitment to delighting our clients.”Added Said Boskovic, director of Pro-Link’s Global Immigration Group, “This is a really prestigious award that puts us on the map and shows the care we have for our clients and their needs, at the same time as remaining compliant.”

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