Cartus survey reveals the 2015 top 10 destinations for relocations from the United States

A new Cartus survey of top international relocation destinations shows US-based transferees are most likely to be relocated to the United Kingdom, Canada or China.

American couple relocating
“United States-based multinational companies are increasingly looking for opportunities to expand into markets that provide strategic business opportunities,” said Matt Spinolo, executive vice president of Cartus.“These are the types of companies that rely on a trusted partner like Cartus to help develop well thought out relocation policies and plans so they can best support their employees across a wide range of locations.”The top 10 list of relocation destinations reinforces a 2015 survey from Cartus that found North America, Europe and Greater China ranked one, two and three in destinations that were most important to companies’ overall business goals.

2015 Top destinations for employees being transferred from the United States

1. United Kingdom2. Canada3. China4. India5. Singapore6. Germany7. Japan8. Netherlands9. Saudi Arabia10. AustraliaSource: Cartus Global Relocation ServicesData was based on 2015 transferee volume from Cartus’ worldwide client base, which includes 50 per cent of Fortune 50 companies. Last year, Cartus relocated more than 165,000 transferees worldwide.

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