Relocating to Italy: useful tips

Top things you, and your assignees, need to know when relocating to Italy.

Below are some of the top things you, and your assignees, need to know when relocating to Italy: 

Utilities in Italy

Utility companies in Italy cannot verify when a contract is set up how long it will really take for the service to be set up. For this reason, it is not uncommon for clients to have to wait weeks if not months to have service.

Appointments with technicians

Meetings are scheduled according to the availability of the provider and it is advisable not to change the appointment as this can create delays in the set up of the service.It is very important that one is available for the appointments given.Appointments are not scheduled after 17.00 and on Saturdays & Sundays. Some providers schedule appointments within a 2 hour timeframe and sometimes these appointments are not kept and one may be not be informed about this. Telephone providers change appointments with their technicians and they communicate the new date/time via SMS only to Italian mobiles with very short notice (to avoid any inconvenience is advisable to buy an Italian mobile as soon as possible and to communicate the number to us). We are not in the position to negotiate appointments with the Italian Service Provider.

Opening a bank account with an Italian bank

It is becoming more and more challenging to open non-resident bank accounts. Italian residency is now being requested in order to open a bank account. In addition to this, online banks also require an Italian ID card in order to be able to open a bank account with them.

TV tax (Canone RAI)

This is a tax that needs to be paid in Italy if you own a television. It has to be paid yearly. If this tax is not paid and one owns a television, one will be subject to fines.

Importing cars

This is an extremely arduous task and extremely costly. Therefore, very often, it is much easier and cheaper to buy a car locally.

US driving licenses

Unless an assignee is relocating to Italy with NATO or on a SOFA contract, a US driving license with an international permit can only be used legally for up to one  year from when Italian residency has been requested.

Garbage tax

This is a very important tax in Italy and one that each tenant must pay.

Wear and tear

It is very important that all tenants understand what is generally considered wear and tear in Italy. 

Receiving the last bills

Please remember that the cancellation and the concluding of the last invoices of all Italian service providers may take more time than estimated. The last bills can be issued even up to 2 months after the cancellation of service has been finalised.

Utility contract closure

As above, please, do not expect a prompt cancellation of service contracts by any Italian provider. Sometimes, providers do not register the cancellations even if they have been duly cancelled according to their own instructions. So, it may happen that they keep on issuing bills as if the service was not cancelled. If this happens, a new cancellation needs be done along with a written complaint.This information was provided by international destination service provider Principal Relocation Company

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