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Attracting and deploying talent on a global scale is critical to the success of 21st-century businesses.

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Fiona Murchie discovers how one company is using technology to develop an innovative new product which it hopes will revolutionise the mobility process for HR departments and international assignees.MOVE Guides is shaking up the world of global mobility with its Talent Mobility Cloud and a recent injection of $15 million of funding. It aims to take on the big boys with a mobility hub that seamlessly joins up global mobility management (HR) with global expenses management and centralised vendor management and also offers touch-of-a-button access to employee relocation support.Says CEO and founder Brynne Herbert, "A successful mobility programme is not possible without accurate, transparent and timely data. Now, more than ever, it is time to equip talent mobility with the resources it needs to become a strategic business partner for the 21st-century organisation."For HR, the system offers everything from cost estimates, assignment letters, work flows and task management to file storage, as well as those all-important programme metrics and the option to produce numerous configurable reports and policy management. All this in one place, and with the added support of a 'customer success manager.'For the employee, the attractions are simplification, time management and stress reduction. Many will be familiar with the frustration felt by employees tired of repeating the same information to an endless chain of move coordinators and vendors.The MOVE Guides system allows task management, which should save time and stress and enable family members to share the load and keep the relocation move progressing. Policy details are readily available in the system. City guides, housing information and social connections are all part of the package, and relocation services are coordinated with support from your HR team or an optional MOVE Guides 'move advocate'.

Financial matters

Finance is the third piece of the jigsaw. Streamlined expenses management and reporting for talent mobility is an affordable reality for companies with 300 to 500 moves a year, MOVE Guides says.The system, which can cope with more than 100 currencies, claims to provide complete expenses management for relocation programmes. Payments for employees, assignment allowances and reimbursement of expenses are covered, and crucial relocation expenses management is combined with tax and payroll reporting.Being able to produce cost projections quickly and efficiently is a real boon for HR, who will be able to add real value to the business when required. Unlocking admin time to devote to assignees and strategic issues or talent development is a huge benefit for busy professionals submerged in paperwork. Agility and rapid response are increasingly demanded by top-performing companies managing an international workforce.The more mobility professionals are able to provide quick turnaround analytics to enable business decision-making and help demonstrate mobility ROI, the sooner they will be seen to be at the cutting edge and demonstrating value.Managing vendors is time-consuming, but hugely important to the success of any assignment. The range of relocation services ranges from 'hard issue' compliance areas such as immigration and tax preparation to moving the employee, sourcing accommodation, and diverse other support, from culture and language to partner assistance.Centralising the management of all vendors in one place is attractive to many organisations, and with this goes the thorny area of policy exception management, which can so quickly spiral out of control. Access to easy cost and pricing analysis should solve many headaches.

Future focus

What of the future? Having tackled finance, employees, data and vendors, on the horizon is integration with the core HR functions of recruitment, talent management, compensation, training and development, and workforce planning.It is all about the technology and how quickly and how far MOVE Guides can reach into territory that has been the preserve of HR technology specialists and the big consultancies.There is excitement for IT specialists in working in a field that is under development. HR systems is one of the few as-yet unresolved management areas, and adding to the mix the complications of international HR management, which straddles areas such as insurance, health and wellness, and security, the prize is great.Throw in issues around data privacy and security and there is a lot more to untangle.MOVE Guides is countering the perception that its Talent Mobility Cloud is only for Millennials, stirring up the marketplace, and improving the employee experience by providing access to information 24/7 from one central location. But can it penetrate the higher-value, bigger-volume mobility programme market? Can it expand into new geographical regions quickly enough to satisfy customer demand?In the drive for analytics, this solution is already making an impression on the marketplace.
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