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The International Family Law Group LLP have created a series of Web-Apps that provide legal rights information and will help to demystify the law and provide much-needed advice.

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With a click of a few buttons we can now find the right car insurer, mortgage provider, or airline. It is easy to find the cheapest holiday or the best personal loan. But when it comes to finding out about your legal rights it all gets a lot more complicated. The International Family Law Group LLP (iFLG) have recognised that people want a simple way to find answers to their basic questions and that’s why we have developed two website based applications to make it easier to find out information about relationships and divorce.Questions that we often get asked cover things like: What can I expect when divorcing? How does the law work? In which country can I divorce? What difference does it make? How are our finances dealt with?iFLG want to help demystify the law and assist people in finding out more about their legal rights when it comes to relationships, their breakdown and the financial effects of separation, divorce and civil partnership dissolution. The information is out there but it is dense and often confusing. The iFLG Web-Apps, in relation to relationship breakdown generally and financial outcomes on divorce and dissolution, remove the density and confusion. Family law in England cannot be found in one place. It comes from a combination of statute (Acts of Parliament) and Judge made case law. The Judges dealing with relationship breakdown have a broad discretion especially in relation to financial division on divorce and there is usually a wide range of possible fair outcomes. There is not a great deal of guidance for separating couples. Resolving matters often comes down to the experience and practical skills of the lawyers advising the couple. 

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With these difficulties in mind the Family Justice Council launched a Guide for Sorting out Finances on Divorce in April 2016. It was written for separating couples rather than lawyers and it described in detail how the Courts deal with financial division. It was an excellent document, thoughtful and detailed. As a lawyer I commended its content, but the problem remained: it was 55 pages of text.The iFLG Applications have been created to give the user the information in an easy to manage online question and answer form guiding them to a tailor-made answer without the need to read though pages upon pages of often irrelevant information. The Web-Apps are a synthesised roadmap to guide toward relevant manageable information and resolution.The questions are in simple non-legal terms with explanations along the route. They target the relevant legal principles regarding relationships and their breakdown without legal jargon. Along the way and at the end of the session we have provided explanations of the possible outcomes and the user can save a record of the process to use including if they choose to consult us.Our Web-Apps provide guidance on the relevant principles and the next steps and we offer a dedicated email service for users to find out further information.The law may not seem to be digitally compatible but our Web-Apps will guide people to recommendations with a click of a few buttons.All our lawyers at The International Family Law Group LLP are experts in their field and have a wealth of experience. If you require advice or for further information please contact Stuart Clark on +44 (0)203 178 5668 or visit

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