Inspirational HR Team of the Year: award profile

This award is for a team, of any size, that can demonstrate outstanding leadership and excellence in relocation, and that inspires others. It is sponsored by Graebel Relocation.

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Find out more by listening to Re:locate Awards 2014/15 Webinar 3, to be broadcast on Friday 6 February, from 11.00 to 11.30

Who can enter?

HR professionals in the private or public sector, both UK and internationally based, are eligible.You don’t need to be managing domestic or international assignments, and your team can consist of just one person working with other departments within the organisation – such as tax, travel, benefits, or resourcing – or with external suppliers – a relocation management company or destination service provider, for example – or with a specialist provider.Alternatively, a whole HR mobility team or special project team can enter.

Why you should enter

Good practice deserves to be celebrated! Winning this award is a prestigious, high-profile way of having your contribution to the lives of employees and their families, and to your company, recognised – both outside the organisation, and, just as importantly, within it – and of motivating and engaging your team.Entering this award shows your commitment to your organisation and provides a useful opportunity to benchmark your achievements against those of other companies.Suppliers: if you know of an HR team, or an individual HR professional, that’s doing a really good job – whether you’ve worked with them, seen a conference presentation by them, or read an article by or about them – please let us know by emailing, so that we can follow them up and give them the recognition they deserve.If you want to enter a project you have undertaken in partnership with HR, there’s a category that’s especially for you: Best HR & Supplier Strategy or Team.

How previous winners have benefited

Previous winners of this category are NATS (2007/8 and 2009/10), Ernst & Young (2008/9), the BP/Pricoa Intercultural Team (2010/11), John Lewis (2011/12), Lloyd’s Register Group’s People Stream team (2012/13) and ING Investment Management India (2013/14), which took the award for a fascinating case study addressing employee engagement in a challenging cultural context.Read our case study on ING Investment Management India in the Summer 2014 issue of Re:locate magazine, available via the Back Issues section. Speaking at the 2012/13 Gala Awards Dinner, Lloyd’s Register Group’s People Stream lead, Bev Latham, said, “I am hugely proud to lead this team, who are a total inspiration, and I will be thrilled to take this award back to the office tomorrow. Thank you!”Read our case study on Lloyd’s Register Group in the Summer 2013 issue of Re:locate magazine, available via the Back Issues section.Interviewed after John Lewis’s win, Claire Herbert, head of mobility, said, “We were absolutely delighted, and very excited, to win this award, which is recognition not only for members of our head office HR directorate but also for all the Partners in the wider John Lewis business. We are all working together to achieve the best service we possibly can.”Said Sandra Barker, who managed the winning NATS team, “The pleasure derived from winning the Re:locate Awards has lasted, as the trophies are prominently displayed by HR. To us, they are recognition of the responsiveness, innovation, care and many, many hours of hard work it takes to create an environment to encourage people to relocate willingly. “The benefits for HR of winning are from receiving external recognition, engendering pride in ourselves, and the successful melding of the skills and expertise of the cross-functional team.”

How to enter: three easy steps

  1. Click here for an entry form.
  2. Complete the entry form in full, including an entry statement (maximum 250 words) and submissions against five criteria (maximum 150 words per criterion). Entrants must explain the contribution that they have made to relocatees and their families, and to their organisation as a whole. They must demonstrate that they have developed an effective team, and present evidence of their contribution to their organisation. Evidence such as testimonials from across the organisation and its customer base, as well as from other sources, will be accepted.
  3. Submit your completed entry form by email to, with supporting documentation.
Please email or if you require further information.Closing date for entries: Friday 13 March 2015

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