VIDEO – Global mobility experts in conversation

Operating in a niche market within a growing area , as everyone involved in relocation and global mobility does, it’s key to your success to stay informed of the wider issues and use your voice to communicate with the wider business world.

At Re:locate’s international networking reception, held to coincide with Worldwide ERC’s EMEA summit in London, we started the conversation about some of the burning issues in global mobility.Re:locate’s mission is to help solve the people management issues that are at the top of business agendas globally, to inform, support, and help you make connections and grow your organisation.With our worldwide audience of HR, global managers and relocation professionals, we are uniquely placed to bring together all sides of the relocation equation, to identify gaps in the market, to pull together knowledge, data, and the latest innovations and ideas, to comment, to analyse and to question.Guests at the reception discussed a variety of key topics in the relocation context, including immigration, education, accommodation/property, as well as wider issues affecting global businesses and their employees, such as women’s leadership.To support global growth, we need to understand where people have knowledge gaps, what their challenges are, and what they would find most useful. As a community, we can work together – and create solutions.That’s why, during 2015, Re:locate will be continuing the important conversations begun at the networking reception.Risk, health, security, immigration and compliance are already high on our agenda. Other topics will include:
  • Women’s leadership – What do women want to help them develop as global leaders? What works for them in an international assignment package – and does anyone ask them?
  • Digital Natives and demographics – Managing five generations in the workforce, and the diversity agenda
  • Boosting productivity – How engagement can drive change
  • Neuroscience and Mindfulness – Their impact on organisations
  • Countries and regions – How political, social and economic change is influencing global mobility and changing businesses
Re:locate is already planning ways of engaging across webinars and vIdeo, with special initiatives for education and schools and the serviced apartment and property arenas.Tell us what you need to talk about by emailing or via social media.Coming soon: a video of Worldwide ERC president and CEO Peggy Smith and Fiona Murchie, Re:locate’s managing editor, discussing hot topics in global mobility at the networking reception.  

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