Is the open office the workplace of the future?

Across the globe, profound changes are taking place in the workplace environment, as the trend for open-plan offices continues. This new Special Report from Graebel Relocation examines how workplace design can affect different generations of workers and influence productivity.

Open plan office
The world economy is continuing its upward motion. According to the International Monetary Fund, the global growth projection for 2015 is 4-per cent. Bolstered by positive economic news, companies will likely add to their workforces and invest in facility expansions around the world.Regardless of whether businesses are expanding facilities to accommodate recent job growth or adding capacity for new demand, management faces a slew of new questions.Technology, including cloud computing, and mobility have changed the way people work. Now companies can conduct business from any electronic space rather than physical facility. Meetings can take place virtually.People can easily work from home or even the beach. And businesses can save substantially on office space.Since the working environment can influence a company’s ability to recruit and retain employees, this report will be useful to HR and talent management professionals in their interactions with the people in their organisations who define and design office space.  To download the Graebel Special Report, click here (300k) For more news and articles about international assignments and Graebel Relocation click here

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