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Using technology to benefit the business and its employees is one of the hottest topics for many organisations, so it’s not surprising that this category attracted a large number of entries.

Pearl travel wins Relocate Award
It's about a solution – something innovative that aids or supports relocation, or makes the experience better for those managing, or undergoing, a move.The technology can cover any area, and organisations, HR teams, and providers of products and service using technology in the relocation context are all eligible to enter.Throughout the category, the high quality of the entries, which were brought to life by powerful live presentations, impressed the Re:locate Awards judges.All the entrants were responding to market needs and trends by using technology to advance the management of global mobility. The tools and systems presented, said the judges, would be extremely valuable to organisations in all aspects of their staff – whether business travellers, expats or local employees – doing business and working across international borders.Following the Gala Awards Dinner, Re:locate's managing editor, Fiona Murchie, said, "This is an exciting category; there's so much going on in all sectors. It's always great to see the imaginative new solutions that are out there, from apps and software to timesaving gadgets for the industry."The interest in the technology category this year reinforces our view that there is a huge demand for technological innovation across all the disciplines that contribute to the global mobility sphere, from tax and benefits to supporting expatriates with easy-to-access local information to make decision-making easier and ensure a smoother transition and move."Reflecting the exceptional standard found throughout the category and the importance of showcasing the breadth of new global-mobility-related technology – which came from smaller independents with low budgets as well as multinationals with the resources to develop cutting-edge, more-elaborate, systems – the judges made two special awards, Technology – Global Benefits and Technology – Relocation App.

Technological innovation in Relocation

US-based software company Pearl Travel Tech took the trophy for Technological Innovation in Relocation.Headquartered in San Francisco, the firm was founded by a business immigration lawyer and a Silicon Valley software developer and entrepreneur. It delivers enterprise solutions to address immigration and tax compliance issues arising from international business travel and short-term assignments, and won the award for its online pre-trip assessment tool, Permiso, which can be used by both international travellers and employers."This is the first assessment tool that considers both immigration and tax compliance issues, and that assesses more than just a single trip in isolation, by analysing past travel history and intended future trips," says Pearl Travel Tech's Julie Pearl."It is the only commercially available tool that integrates directly with travel booking and expense tracking systems, as well as with immigration and HRIS systems."Permiso works by integrating with these various systems to pull together and analyse, within two minutes, the data needed to make the assessment. As travellers book or plan their trips, it applies the rules of the destination country to the stated duration and activities, and identifies whether they will need to obtain a business visa, consult experts for work permits or tax filings, or simply obtain confirmation that they have assessed their compliance obligations.Until now, says Ms Pearl, companies have not had a cost-effective way of ensuring business traveller compliance. Their options have been to risk non-compliance and its potentially serious consequences, or consult legal or tax firms and other advisers each time they need an answer to an immigration or tax query – costing valuable time and money.Permiso constantly captures updated legal information and analytical matrices from top-rated global immigration law firms and tax experts.While this level of rule codification and analysis breaks new ground, Julie Pearl explains, it enables legal and tax professionals to focus on the areas where they add most value, saving their clients time and unnecessary expense.Describing Permiso as "very effective and simple, with information and actions presented in an easy-to-understand format," the Re:locate Awards judges highlighted its role in helping to keep travellers and their companies compliant, thereby greatly reducing the risk of fines, project delays, rejection at port of entry, and a host of other potential compliance problems.Like many previous winners, Pearl Travel Tech recognises the value of the Re:locate Awards in raising the company profile. Said Natalia Soledad Costa de Foster, who collected the trophy, "This is amazing – we're over the moon! I've just spoken to the team in San Francisco, and they're thrilled. This win really puts us on the map."

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Reflecting increasing demand for technological solutions across the many disciplines that contribute to global mobility, from tax and benefits to employee and family support, Re:locate's exclusive Technology Showcase will highlight the best and most creative new mobility technology, from apps and software to timesaving gadgets.For more Re:locate news and features about technology, click hereFor further information about Pearl, visit:

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