Relocate charity book appeal gets off to a flying start

Relocate's appeal on behalf of the Hands of Compassion Foundation has got off to a flying start, thanks to a donation of books from the International School of London, Surrey.

Edward Jeffreys at ISL
ISL is the first contributor to what we hope will grow to be a very successful campaign to support a school in Zambia.When we heard about an appeal by the Hands of Compassion Foundation for books to supports a community school for orphaned and vulnerable children in a shanty compound near Ndola, we knew the global mobility community would be keen to help.As Africa is expected to be one of the key areas for relocation over the next few years, it is essential that we look at the key issues facing its education system. The Hands of Compassion Foundation, combined with the help of the relocation community, will be able to make a real difference by starting a library for the school.

Calling international movers

We now need to transport the books to Zambia and we are appealing for an international removals company who specialises in small consignments to help. We need the assistance of a groupage operator or a courier. Please email  or call +44 1892 891334 if you can help.Whether you are able to provide books, as the International School of London (ISL) did, or offer transport, or do a little fundraising in the office, there are plenty of ways of getting involved. Follow the story and join in on social media and help to establish the new library.

About the Zambian school

Hands of Compassion funds free primary education for nearly 400 children, from nursery to Grade 7. By helping with payment for uniforms and fees at a government school, it also sponsors more than 50 older pupils.Through education, the children develop skills that empower them for later life.This is desperately needed in Zambia, where an estimated one person in every six dies of HIV AIDS between the ages of 15 and 50, leaving more than one-and-a-half million children orphaned. Poverty and malnutrition contribute to this crisis. Whole generations are being wiped out, leaving youngsters to survive on their own, in need of food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education.

A helping hand – Edward Jeffrey reports

I visited ISL's Woking campus to collect their generous donation of 100 books, which range from poetry anthologies to language-teaching guides.Having attended an international school in Hong Kong when I was younger, I was interested in finding more out about the school. Group marketing and admissions officer Heather Mulkey, winner of Relocate's 2014/15 Relocation Personality of the Year award, talked to me about its international commitment.ISL has families from more than 52 countries and this year plans to teach in 19 languages, from English, French and Spanish to Turkish, Korean and Hebrew. This means that staff understand the range of issues facing the international community and are happy to help us in our pledge to provide materials for those in less-advantaged parts of the world.

Calling international movers to Zambia

Please email or call +44 1892 891334 if you can help. More book donations wanted too!For more Relocate information, news, and features about charity work, click here

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