The impact of US same-sex marriage legislation on relocation policy

In June, the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Stefanie Schreck, manager of Domestic Advisory Services at Lexicon Relocation, believes that this significant ruling may bring to light more issues.

Same sex marriages
Of late, Lexicon Relocation has seen clients include partners – some mentioning only same-sex partners, others encompassing all partners – in their policies. Now that same sex-couples can marry, might they change their minds in including partners of either sexuality?The goal that companies had in including same-sex partners was to ensure that the family, as a whole, was provided with the same coverage as an opposite-sex married couple. Companies recognised that same-sex couples were at a professional disadvantage because their partners were not offered relocation assistance.Accordingly, same-sex couples who were unable to marry in their states of residence were offered the same relocation coverage as their opposite-sex counterparts.We then began to see companies offer relocation assistance to all partners, regardless of sexual orientation, to prevent any claims of discrimination. However, now that marriage equality is the law in the US, will companies revert to a more traditional definition of 'family', to include spouses of any sexuality, but not partners?Time will tell how this groundbreaking decision impacts relocation policies and the coverage provided to unmarried couples.For more on this issue, see
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