Emerging trends in Canadian real estate – 2016

The story of Canadian real estate this year is one of shifting economic fortunes and changing real estate trends.

Toronto, Canada
The decline in oil prices has caused a sharp slowdown in the Calgary economy, as well as the Edmonton economy, and the long-term impact on the local real estate market remains to be seen.Low energy prices – and the low Canadian dollar – are improving the prospects for manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and other sectors across the country, especially in eastern Canada.PwC 2016 forecast economic indicatorsAs economic power returns to the east, investors and developers are turning their attention to new opportunities in faster-growing Toronto and some parts of Montreal. Vancouver is the exception in the west, as it retains the top real estate investment spot.Source: PwCSpecial Focus on CanadaIf you have news and views to contribute please contact our Editorial Team via For advertising and sponsorship opportunities contact our Sales Team via For more Relocate news and features on residential property, click here and for more on commercial property, click here

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