Families matter: A neat solution to controlling assignment costs

Designed for HR and global managers advising parents embarking on an international assignment or domestic relocation, the launch edition of Re:locate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools is also an invaluable resource for the relocation professionals who advise them.

Parents and child choosing an international school
Unique content, beautiful illustrations and high-quality production make Re:locate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools a first in the global mobility market.
Guide to International Education & Schools
HR, global managers and employers need to understand the differences between education systems and the complexities of curricula if they are to deal confidently with parents who require school places in their new location and make fair and informed decisions that support their organisation's talent and growth. Enter Re:locate's new Guide to International Education & Schools.

Says Fiona Murchie, managing editor of Re:locate, "The latest industry figures show that almost 50 per cent of assignees are accompanied by a family. For them, sourcing appropriate school places is paramount. Without the reassurance of a place, they may even refuse the assignment or relocation move. And leading global mobility surveys tell us that family issues are one of the main reasons for assignment failure."The new Cartus Biggest Challenges survey, which features data from 148 mobility managers based around the world, reveals that cost is the greatest challenge for those managing mobility. However, 77 per cent of respondents report concerns over schooling and 64 per cent over homes. The cost to businesses is huge if their key talent can't accept a relocation or an international assignment because of issues with their children's education, and assignment failure is extremely costly, so it makes sense to support parents in making the right education choices.Moving is a stressful business, even for those who have done it many times before. For employees, there is the challenge of getting to grips with their new role and work commitments and understanding the nuances of the business culture in their new location. For partners, there can be concerns around finding employment and settling the family.It's not easy to move with a family, but with appropriate information and support, parents can give their children opportunities that will widen their horizons and help them to become the global citizens of the future."We don't claim to have all the answers," Fiona Murchie says, "but we can reassure parents that there are education options to meet their needs, and experienced professionals within schools and experts across the globe who can help them make the right choices for their individual circumstances, so they can hit the ground running in their new location."Re:locate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools will also support the work of relocation management companies and destination services providers in sourcing schools and accommodation for families relocating to a new area. By helping them to smooth the path for these families, it will enable them to reduce their corporate clients' risk of costly assignment failure.Fiona Murchie points out, "At a time when budgets are continually challenged, the Re:locate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools is a very cost-effective way of delivering education and schooling advice to your organisation's relocating employees and international assignees.It's perfect to give to employees considering an international assignment, and equally relevant for domestic relocations, particularly when a group move is planned."With these cases in mind, we are able to provide multiple copies, which can be branded with your corporate identity, reinforcing your employer brand and helping to support retention."

Keeping up with change

Re:locate recognises that the number of international schools across the globe is expanding at an astonishing rate. This can make it hard for HR and relocation professionals to have all the facts at their fingertips when they advise families on choices in this massive marketplace.That's where our education resources – and particularly the new guide – can help. Unlike anything else on the market, our editorial is specific to relocating families and their employers. Across the pages of Re:locate magazine and our range of digital publications (now available on our app), we give practical information and advice, share the latest news, monitor trends, and understand the difficulties facing families moving domestically or going on an international assignment. This is supported by a wealth of information on our website and our new online education newsletter, which keep decision-makers informed of the latest developments.Our education team develops relationships with the international education community, examining emerging trends in the education sector worldwide and gathering views from some of the world's highest-profile international schools.Often, busy global mobility professionals and HR departments don't have time to get to grips with the complexities of the fast-changing world of education. Guide to International Education & Schools' content includes informative, engaging features and practical advice on choosing a school and curriculum choices in relocation hotspots around the world, including the UK, the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Middle East.

Directories of schools, school associations and suppliers are also included

This is the first in a series of practical tools to solve some global mobility challenges. It also steers decision-makers in the direction of further support from education experts who can help individual families.The value of using an education consultant, particularly when sourcing schools at short notice, shouldn't be underestimated. A consultant should know the market and understand the fluctuations in school-place availability. In a group-move situation, the independent advice of a consultant can make all the difference to the number of families accepting a relocation offer, whether domestic or overseas.

Glowing feedback

Re:locate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools has been received enthusiastically by professional educators. Addressing delegates at the inaugural Re:locate International Education Forum, held at London's Institute of Directors in February, Dr Richard Pearce, consultant in international education, called it "marvellous, and full of expert knowledge".Marc Carter, head of admissions at the International School of London, commented, "It's packed with information, and, with so much solid editorial, is so much more than other publications that are simply directories of schools."Describing the guide as "spectacular", Heather Mulkey, marketing and admissions officer at the International School of London (ISL) Group, said, "It is informative and interesting and an extremely attractive publication. Most important, it is placing the focus on children and families in relocation, and bringing the importance of family support to the attention of relocation and multinational companies."

You can view the guide on the digital issues section of Relocate Global, or click here to download a taster version on our app.

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