Relocate awards 2017 – tenth anniversary

Entry to the leading international awards for HR and relocation professionals is now open. Let us showcase and celebrate your successes in our tenth anniversary year!

Relocate awards 2017
Since the Relocate Awards were introduced in 2007, the global mobility sector has grown and the complexities of managing relocations have increased at an astonishing rate.These awards are now established as the ultimate recognition for HR and relocation professionals. Entering is easy and free of charge, and the judging process is totally independent.Entry to the 2017 awards opens in January. In this tenth anniversary year, we’ll highlight how relocation and global mobility have developed over the last decade, honour past winners, and examine the groundbreaking developments that are being spearheaded by relocation and global mobility professionals and specialists across wider areas.Past winners have represented companies of all sizes, with a wide range of achievements to celebrate. Whether they’re in HR or a supplier or specialist role, what they have in common is a passion for excellence, going the extra mile, and being the best at what they do.

Relocate Award Winners - Photo Gallery

We know there are many other organisations across the globe that are doing great things and deserve the recognition these international awards bestow, so don’t miss the opportunity to enter.We ask all our past entrants to reflect on their achievements over the years as we move on to pioneer, innovate, lead and engage with growing organisations and businesses, in 2017 and beyond. And, as we call for entries to this year’s awards, we’ll have some wonderful stories to inspire and motivate your team.

HR stepping up

Our two HR categories, HR Team of the Year and Outstanding HR & Supplier Partnership, are a celebration of enlightened HR practice that has made a difference to the lives of employees and benefited the business.Over the years, there have been some outstanding winners who have clearly demonstrated the strategic approach to relocation and global mobility that has evolved over the years.

Relocate Awards 2015/16 Overview Gallery

The first HR awards were won by PwC for their relocation strategy, with NATS scooping the prize for its group move to Swanwick. John Lewis was a memorable winner in 2012, pulling out all the stops to be part of the Stratford shopping development that complemented the UK’s standing in the London Olympics, a fantastic showcase for Team GB. Openings in regional cities endorsed the firm’s credentials and were the stepping stone to its current leading retail position.Lloyds Register Group highlighted the importance of engagement and change management as it prepared for the move of its Marine business stream from central London to Southampton University. With science and technology at the heart of what the group does, basing itself at the cutting edge of marine research proved a winning stroke.Sapient Corporation, joint winner in 2014/15, revealed the agility of the creative sector, with digital understanding and technology in its DNA. Last year’s winner, Grant Thornton’s Talent Mobility Team, demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to global mobility that underpinned their organisation’s expansion and talent management expertise in the fast-paced global financial consulting sector.

Technology centre stage

Technological Innovation has always been a hotly contested category, and illustrates how far technology has come in supporting relocation and global mobility moves.

2015/16 Relocate Awards - Dinner and Entertainment

In the early days, it was all about the development of pioneering management systems, with winners ranging from big-name consultants like PwC and Deloitte to independent niche developers like MoveAssist International. Nowadays, these systems are the norm for clients and service providers, and a host of apps have emerged, saving time and offering trackability.Pearl Travel Tech was a winner in 2014/15 for its online pre-trip assessment tool, and Going-there Global Destination Services took the trophy in 2015/16 for a no-fuss compliance solution that also ticked the box for tracking in an emergency situation.The boundaries continue to be pushed as market sectors address new challenges. It will be fascinating to see what solutions are entered in 2017.
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Suppliers, DSPs and employee support

The Best Relocation Management Company award (formerly Relocation Service Provider of the Year) is becoming increasingly significant in the industry and is a prestigious accolade that reflects the awards’ rigorous, independent judging process.In many ways, this category charts the growth of the sector and showcases its sophistication and adaptability. Cartus was our first winner, Connells won for a second time in 2015/16, and independents like Beswick Relocation Services and IPM Global Mobility have also triumphed on this level playing field.
Destination Services Providers (DSPs) are crucial to a successful relocation. Our winners have led the way in professionalism as the industry has grown and responded to change. From UK companies to European high-flyers to a first for India in 2015/16, the bar has been set extremely high. Personality and attitude are as important as organising skills and entrepreneurship in putting the client first and ensuring a successful move for assignees and their families.Excellence in Employee & Family Support continues to be a key category, as it includes services designed to smooth the way for those who are relocating. The award has been won by some fantastic schools, culture providers and relocation management companies, with niche services that make a huge difference to retention.Serviced apartment providers have played an important part in the awards over the years, with some winning more than once. SACO, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality and The Ascott Limited all fall into this category. As serviced accommodation becomes more global and reaches more emerging markets, it will be interesting to see the trends underpinning this fast-growing sector.

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