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Relocate Global’s Guide to Education & Schools in the UK is an invaluable resource for companies relocating employees to, or within, the UK.

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 As HR and relocation professionals are aware, ensuring that accompanying family members are happy and settled in their new surroundings is crucial to the success of any relocation, whether international or domestic. Research has shown that, by affecting the relocated employee’s productivity, motivation and engagement, family members’ inability to adjust to their new life can lead ultimately to the failure of a move.Relocate knows that, for parents considering a relocation, their children’s education is top of the priority list. Based on our successful Guide to International Education & Schools, the new Relocate Global Guide to Education & Schools in the UK, features all the information parents need if they are to make the best decisions for their children, whether they are on an international assignment or relocating from another part of the UK.

Why you need this guide

Whatever your company’s reason for relocating employees – whether you’re planning for Brexit or supporting a group move, a merger or an acquisition – you can’t afford to be without our guide! For your copy, visit the online shop The guide is perfect for relocating parents, and as a reference tool for HR decision-makers, global managers and relocation professionals, who need access to information on the latest developments in education and schooling if they are to support and advise families.Totally different from anything else on the market, our education guides are written from the relocation perspective, in an accessible style, with beautiful illustrations and high-quality production. The UK guide’s content will include lively and engaging articles on everything from the English, Scottish and Northern Irish education systems and curricula to advice on choosing a school and submitting an application. The International Baccalaureate, which may be particularly relevant to families who are undertaking a series of international assignments, is also featured.

State and independent sectors

Because we know that employers provide different types of support for different levels of employee, we cover state and independent schools, both day and boarding, as well as international schools. The schools that have contributed editorial understand the needs of children and families in transition, wherever they are moving from. They create diverse school communities that nurture the global citizens of the future.Wider family support topics – for example, careers for relocating partners and easing the transition to a new home and school – and directories of schools and education consultants also form part of the guide.

For your copy, visit the online shop

Contents include:

Excellence in UK education

  • Delivering skills for the future
  • Education reform in England
  • How will Brexit affect UK education?
  • The importance of languages
  • Giving girls the digital bug

Exploring international education

  • Comparing global education systems
  • The impact of mobility on children
  • Preparing pupils for a diverse world

Choosing & applying for a school place

  • Choosing a new school
  • Applying for a school place in England
  • Read the big print
  • The value of education consultants
  • Securing a place at a top UK school
  • The new boarding experience
  • A very international British education

UK curricula

  • The education system in England
  • Understanding the new performance tables
  • GCSEs and iGCSE
  • A Levels
  • Pre-U
  • International Baccalaureate
  • A pathway to career success
  • Vocational qualifications
  • England’s grammar-school system explained
  • To appeal or not to appeal?
  • Qualifications and education in Scotland
  • Qualifications and education in Wales
  • Qualifications and education in Northern Ireland

Higher education

  • Preparing for university application
  • The rise of global student mobility
  • Educating global citizens

Family support

  • Easing the transition to a new home and school
  • Language and cultural immersion for internationally-relocating families
  • Intercultural skills for relocating families
  • Happy landings
  • Careers for relocating partners

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