Airbnb announces rental limits for several European cities

From January 2017, Airbnb will automatically limit the duration of home rentals in certain European cities. London and Amsterdam top the list. How will this impact the serviced accommodation industry?

Will Airbnb's rental limits impact the serviced apartments industry?
Airbnb has released a statement revealing that, as of 1 January 2017, hosts will need a license if a property is used for short-term rentals for more than a certain number of days in a calendar year. The host will need to confirm that they have the required permission to share their space more frequently.At the moment, these statutory limitations apply only to London and Amsterdam.


  • Airbnb’s systems will automatically limit entire home listings in Greater London to 90 nights a year.


  • Airbnb’s systems will automatically limit entire home listings in Amsterdam to 60 nights a year.

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A spokesperson for Airbnb said, “We want to help ensure that home sharing grows responsibly and sustainably, and makes London’s communities stronger. This announcement follows an unprecedented six-month project with partners across London to investigate how we can deliver the commitments that our platform is promoting responsible home sharing and remove unwelcome commercial operators.”The serviced apartment industry has come under pressure from new short-term accommodation solutions, especially those – such as Airbnb – which were created by the "sharing" economy. Rental limits are likely to help restore balance to the the accommodation market. The global mobility world will no doubt be following these developments carefully.

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