Video – Destination Services Provider of the Year – Formula Group

The Relocate Awards 2015/16 winner of the Destination Services Provider of the Year – Raman Narula, Formula Group was interviewed at the Relocate Awards Gala Dinner, London, 19 May 2016

What is it going to mean to your business to have won this Award?

The award will means a lot to our business but more than business, it means a lot to the people who actually deserve the award in the company; people who worked hard in the field, on the ground.  India is a diverse country, every city having a different language, different goals, different challenges and it really goes down to every person in the organisation who has worked hard to deliver a high quality of service across the country to every client of Formula Group.  So it’s a well deserved award for the people in the company.

For your particular business, how important is it to demonstrate cultural sensitivity and agility, when working with a client?

I think anybody coming to India is in for a culture shock to start with and a sensitivity to others' culture and to bridge the culture gap and having a huge amount of empathy goes a long way to being a successful destination service provider.  Our people do a great job of that.  They are very empathetic, they ensure they try to bridge the culture gap which exists between them and the assignees and the assignees of the company and they walk the extra mile to ensure that an assignee transitions well into his new assignment in our country.

What are the key issues for an assignee when coming to India, what is it they need to know will work for them?

I think it’s really the housing and infrastructure challenges.  For an assignee coming into India the main challenge faced by them is more on the infrastructure front.  They are used to a certain quality of life, a certain standard of housing, a certain infrastructure quality in their apartments.  That’s the challenge they face more than finding a house and settling in.  I think that’s the transition and that’s the challenge where Formula Group comes in – I think to bridge that gap between the assignee and ensure that it’s not only them but the wives and the children that settle in comfortably and get used to their new life for the next few years they’re going to be in India.

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