Where to live in Moscow: an expatriate’s guide: part 3

Intermark Relocation looks at the choice of districts in Moscow favoured by overseas tenants, in the third part of its article.

By Al Shipilin [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons

Popular residential areas outside of Central Moscow

Leningradsky Prospect

We recommend considering this area:
  • If you have children in one of the international schools located in the area
  • If your office is in the Tverskaya-Belorusskaya area and you would like a larger choice of property
Leningradsky Prospect is one of the main and busiest city avenues, which continues from the Tverskaya Street up north towards the Sheremetyevo International Airport.The area is home to the Anglo-American school with neighbouring Pokrovsky Hills and Chaika compounds, as well as the historical housing settlement Poselok Hudozhnikov and three British International school campuses.This area has also become one of the business centres of Moscow, housing the Metropolis business centre and several business centres in Khimki (an area to the North of Moscow). Due to these factors, the prices of apartments in this area are close to the prices of central apartments, and, sometimes, even exceed them, especially when apartments are located next to schools.Most apartment options in the area are located in pre-revolutionary buildings and there are also quite a lot of modern residential developments, with underground parking and great infrastructure in this area. Apartments in these complexes can be a very good option for those with children looking for comfortable living conditions. They are also of high standard and are often the more affordable alternative to compounds.

International schools and kindergarten

  • Anglo-American School (AAS)
  • British International School (BIS)
  • American International School (AIS)
  • This area is also within reasonable commute to International School of Moscow (ISM).

Most popular residential buildings 

  • Pokrovskoe Glebovo (6, 8) and Pokrovsky Bereg (Beregovaya 4) - This is a closed apartment building to the AAS that has underground parking and has a fenced territory
  • Alisa - Located along Ivankovskoe Highway 5, this is the second closest option for those who want to send their children to the AAS
  •  Triumph Palace - Located at Сhapaevsky per 3., this is a huge skyscraper built in the style of the Seven Sisters skyscrapers, and is officially recognised as the highest residential building in Europe
  • Alye Parusa - This is a complex of several high-rise buildings on the bank of the Moscow river
  • Sokolinoe Gnezdo - Located at Leningrasky prospect 76, this is a complex of four high-rise buildings on Lenigrasky Prospect
  • Grand Park - A large complex of several modern buildings its address, this is a well-developed infrastructure

The expat’s view

“We chose to live in the Allye Parusa complex because we have three active young children aged five, seven and nine, and the facilities and schools are within easy reach. The complex is situated on the river, so the apartments feel light and spacious, with big views. We had moved from the English countryside and I, therefore, did not want to be living in the centre,” says Catherine Staples.
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