Relocate Awards 2015-2016

Winner of the 2015/16 Relocate Award for Technological Innovation


Going-there Global Destination Services

Winner of the Relocate Award for Technological Innovation in Relocation, Diana Busk, Going there Global Destination Services, with judge Hannah Stewart
The award for Technological Innovation recognises the effective and innovative use of technology by a relocation organisation or HR team to bring about business and employee benefits, or the provider of an innovative product or service using technology within the relocation context.

Given the rapid advancements in technology as it responds to the needs of the global mobility market, it’s not surprising that this category was hotly contested, attracting more entries than any other.

The judges were looking for evidence of real innovation. Going-there Global Destination Services took the award for its GT Global Tracker, a smartphone app that tracks business travellers and assignees for taxation, immigration and emergency location.

Describing GT Global Tracker as “a great tool that can be used for companies of all sizes without adding complication to an already complex issue “, the judges said that the app provided an efficient, effective solution to the high-profile issues facing all companies needing to track their employees globally. It works as a simple, independent, standalone app, is user-friendly, collates travellers' data, and flags risks across the areas of immigration, permanent establishment, tax and security.

The judges commented on the extremely high standard found throughout this category and the importance of showcasing the breadth of new technology in the global mobility sphere. Because of this, they awarded Highly Commended to MOVE Guides and UrbanBound.

Also on the shortlist:

  • Allianz Worldwide Care
  • Cornerstone Relocation Group
  • ICUnet.AG
  • MoveAssist International
  • MOVE Guides
  • Plus Relocation
  • UrbanBound

Full details in the Summer 2016 issue of Re:locate magazine (out June).

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