Relocate Awards 2015-2016

Winner of the 2015/16 Relocate Special Commendation for Lifetime Achievement in Relocation

Special Commendation

Anita Blanchett

Our award for Lifetime Achievement in Relocation 2016 is Anita Blanchett.  The award was presented by Relocate Global founder and Managing Editor Fiona Murchie.
There was an additional award of a Special Commendation for Lifetime Achievement in Relocation. Relocate Global's managing editor, Fiona Murchie, said, "When we discovered that this person had retired after over 20 years in the industry, the judges were unanimous in wishing to mark the achievements of a remarkable person who has contributed enormously to relocation over a long, distinguished and groundbreaking career."

Full details in the Summer 2016 issue of Re:locate magazine (out June).