Relocate Awards 2016/2017

Winner of the 2017 Relocate award for Outstanding HR & Supplier Partnership

Clearview Relocation and Edwards

The Outstanding HR & Supplier Partnership award is aimed at HR teams working in partnership with a supplier to deliver a relocation project or an aspect of global mobility that enhances a corporate client's business objectives and/or the quality of the relocation support provided to individual employees.

Relocate Award 2017 Winner 3-Clearview and Edwards
Jessica Sharpe, of BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, presents the award to Camilla Stephen, Debbie Ward and Simon Bell, of Clearview Relocation, with awards ceremony host Maggie Philbin

Said the judges, “A clear sense of trust has emerged within this seamless global mobility and supplier partnership. The sense of loyalty and dedication shown by the independent consultants working for Clearview Relocation and Edwards demonstrates very effectively the excellent people management skills and the attention paid by this small firm to ensuring support for all staff delivering its client services.

“The strength of this particular partnership with Edwards shone through, with brilliant supportive interactions between Edwards’ small global mobility team and staff at this highly responsive, people-centred relocation and destination services firm."

Summing up, the judges said, “With an emphasis on a personal, highly interactive approach, focused on employee well-being, this partnership proved to be an outright winner."


  • Albemarle Corporation and NEI Global Relocation
  • Lloyds Register and Bournes Relocation Solutions
  • NEI Global Relocation and NEI International Services Department
  • Smith Stone Walters and Citi

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The Summer 2017 issue of Relocate magazine will feature a detailed awards supplement.