Relocate Awards 2016/2017

Winners of the 2017 Relocate award for Technological Innovation

MoveAssist and PwC

The Technological Innovation award recognises the effective and innovative use of technology by a relocation organisation or HR team to bring about business and employee benefits, or the provider of an innovative product or service using technology within the relocation context.

Unusually, there were two winners this year, both of which showed excellence in technological advancement and innovation. The winning entries represented different applications being devised by firms with significantly different resources. Both will be highly significant to clients and will help to raise standards in global mobility.  


Relocate Award 2017 Winner Move Assist
Hannah Stewart, of Babcock International Group, presents the award to Robby Wogan, of MoveAssist

MoveAssist won for its artificial intelligence global mobility online chat tool, MAIA. Providing a chat-based experience without needing a human member of staff to be directly involved, MAIA facilitates effective self-service on a live 24/7/365 basis.

The technology can be used by assignees, in-house global mobility teams and vendors, providing immediate responses to questions. Interaction with MAIA can take place via laptops, mobiles and other apps using speech or typing, making it highly accessible.

The judges were particularly impressed by how this versatile tool looks to learn as it develops – demonstrating, they said, “a fantastic future” for technological innovation within customer service in the global mobility industry. 

“We are delighted to win this award, as it underpins MoveAssist’s position as a leading and committed innovator in global mobility.

“As MAIA is the first global mobility chatbot, recognition at the Relocate Awards indicates that the industry is ready to anticipate, evolve and adopt new technologies.”

Robby Wogan, CEO, MoveAssist 


Relocate Award 2017 Winner PwC
Hannah Stewart, of Babcock International Group, presents the award to Alan Johnson, of PwC

PwC won for its intuitive Mymobility app – a practical example of how enhanced communication, automation and process improvements can lead to time savings and improved experiences for individuals on the move.

This app assists employees with managing their tax, social security and immigration information in one secure and convenient place. It simplifies the processes of storing and sharing information, saving time and improving accessibility to information flow. Providing a wealth of functionalities and benefits, it is easily accessible via web, mobile and Apple Watch applications.

The judges were particularly impressed by the app's professional, clean layout and user-friendly format, which allows individuals to scan and upload required information securely, save and access important documents, read notifications, and complete online digital tax briefings.


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The Summer 2017 issue of Relocate magazine will feature a detailed awards supplement.