Relocate Gala Awards Dinner 2019 book now

Top tips for entering

Your step-by-step guide to compiling a winning submission

This complete ‘how to’ guide, with hints and tips from our judges, will help your submission to stand out from the crowd.

To get on the fast track to awards success, simply follow them step by step.


First, some general points. Make sure you:

  • Allow sufficient time to complete your entry, particularly if you need to obtain input/approval from others
  • Follow the assessment criteria to the letter
  • Do not exceed the stipulated word counts
  • Submit your entry in the specified format
  • Avoid marketing-speak


Entry Details

Under ‘Type of organisation and what it does’, a brief description of services is useful, to set context.   

Entry Statement (250 words max.)

The key to this section is to say why you should win; don’t leave it to the judges to infer this. Convince the judges that your actions are outstanding. Be persuasive and dynamic. This is about your success story, what you are most proud of, and how you measure your success. Try to:

  • Make a clear case, setting out what you have done that is new, different, effective, efficient, exciting, etc
  • Show challenges and how they were overcome, and draw out successes
  • Demonstrate continual improvement 
  • Show how learning gained has been used, and how knowledge is transferred 
  • Highlight transferability of ideas/good practice. Examples are very useful to show what you did, who benefited, and how this will be taken forward in future. Relate them to the family
  • Relate what you say to relocation. Try to emphasise the family, not just employees, and the varying needs of different families 
  • Show how individuals/teams have passion and inject this into their work, linking examples directly to families and relocating employees. The effect on organisations can then be highlighted, as businesses rely on moving people for their success. Show how you put the family first

Take care to craft this section well. In the event of a tie, it can be the one that decides the winner. A brief example can be very effective to support your entry statement. And remember:

  • Focus on excellent service, using examples
  • Don’t use this section to tell us what your business is about; use it to demonstrate why yours is the winning entry
  • Do not repeat what is in the boxes below (although you may draw upon them to bring out key highlights), and don’t simply say what your services are

Entry Criteria

a)  Added value. Explain, with brief examples, how the focus of your award entry has improved client outcomes/performance (150 words max.)

Adding value is critical today if service delivery is to be recognised as outstanding and relocation outcomes are to enhance business success. In this section, tell the judges how you have added value to the relocation process. For example:

  • Give an illustration of what you did that added value to the relocation process in relation to the mobility of employees and their families. Tell the judges how and why your actions made a difference
  • You might illustrate added value via a brief cost-benefit example or other measures that demonstrate this factor, such as improvements in client feedback/scores
  • Clients might be defined as employing organisations and/or the family unit being relocated

b)  Agility. Explain, with brief examples, how the focus of your award entry demonstrates efficient, effective and responsive change management (150 words max.)

A key differentiator today is responsiveness to change. Tell the judges how you have achieved fantastic outcomes by doing great things and doing them well. For example:

  • Give an illustration of being proactive – what you did, and why and how you did it – in the context of unplanned, unexpected and/or fast-moving change. Try to emphasise positive outcomes and the benefits that flowed from your actions
  • Speedy and appropriate reactions to change can also be highlighted. How did you react to and address change using your people and resources, and what were the outcomes 
  • Explain how you measure your success

c)  People management. Explain, with brief examples, how the focus of your award entry demonstrates improved commitment from people in an increasingly global and diverse marketplace (150 words max.)

By people management, the judges mean how you lead, manage and engage your own staff, bringing out the very best in them to provide exceptional service to organisations, relocating employees and their families. For example:

  • What leadership and management strategies and styles do you use, and how do they raise staff commitment and engagement? Try to use a brief example to illustrate them
  • How do you lead and manage your teams? How effective are your approaches? A brief example might relate to internal and/or virtual teams and/or how you manage any links between your people and teams in other relevant organisations to ensure excellent people management outcomes  
  • To demonstrate excellent practice, winning entries may give examples of issues/problems related to people management linked to operating in an increasingly diverse, global environment. Explain how these were solved/overcome

d)  Resource management. Explain, with brief examples, how the focus of your award entry demonstrates resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness, eg time/staff/money, etc (150 words max.)

We are all under increasing pressure in terms of time and resources, so tell the judges how you cope with these constraints. For example:

  • Give an illustration of manpower and how it is used effectively, how you keep costs down, and/or how you raise standards and give great value for money resulting in excellent organisational, employee and family relocation outcomes
  • Once again, an example will illustrate this well. Try to emphasise cost-effectiveness. You might consider a brief cost-benefit analysis example. Use a different example if you have included a cost-benefit example to illustrate other sections

e)  Innovation and/or technology. Explain, with brief examples, how the focus of your award entry highlights your contribution towards an increasingly positive relocation experience (150 words max.)

An effective entry in this category highlights what is new, innovative and different in addressing the issues that you wish to draw to the judges’ attention. You can draw upon either new approaches/innovations and/or the use of technology. For example:

  • Say what you did, what went well and what didn’t, and how you overcame any problems in achieving your goals/outcomes/service delivery
  • Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes; you can earn respect by saying what wasn’t perfect when you try something new. But do say what/how you learnt from this, and how you will take your learning forward to provide better service in the future 
  • How do you know your actions were well received? Benchmarks might be testimonials or cost savings, for example. Try to illustrate with a brief example
  • Interesting and novel stories are nice to hear, but excellent service that you provide every day can also be noteworthy if you stretched the boundaries and went the extra mile – so don’t feel you need to come up with something unusual

Supporting Material

The judges welcome succinct, relevant supporting materials in a low-resolution digital format, as an MS Word file, a PDF (A4) or a PowerPoint presentation, to a maximum of five pages. You may also supply, via a link to YouTube or similar, a brief video (maximum two minutes) demonstrating the character of your organisation.

  • Slide shows demonstrating in presentation form what you have done are helpful, but present them concisely by editing and displaying them six slides to a page 
  • Testimonials are useful, too, but edit them to show the most appropriate; so don’t include pages of these – select the most appropriate to demonstrate your message
  • Do not exceed the print maximum of five pages and the video maximum of two minutes
  • Check any links to websites/YouTube, to ensure they work
  • The judges need to relate any supporting material to the boxes on the entry form, so ensure that your supporting pages are relevant to the points you are making 
  • Make sure, too, that any supporting materials are clearly prefaced, so the judges can see their relevance 
  • You may refer in the various boxes on the entry form to your supporting materials, but your case is much stronger if you report brief examples in each box rather than saying ‘see appendices’. The judges will use the appendices to support your case, not as a substitute for it


Use the spelling and grammar checker, check the word count in each section, and proofread your entry thoroughly. Give a good impression.

Call us on +44 (0)1892 891334 or email if you need advice on compiling your entry.

Good luck!