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15. Excellence in fostering inclusivity and/or cultural awareness

This award recognises excellence in promoting and fostering equality, diversity and inclusion within global organisations. By focusing on inclusion and understanding and promoting cultural awareness, this award highlights the contribution that such practices can make to outstanding people management outcomes.

The award applies to initiatives, individuals and teams demonstrating outstanding leadership and excellence in inclusion and/or cultural awareness that inspires others.

Perhaps you're involved in talent management or resourcing, working with other internal departments (for example, mobility, reward or recruitment) and/or external suppliers as part of a wider team managing or supporting diversity and inclusion.

Perhaps you're a change management team leading change across a global organisation, or charged with engaging employees following a merger or acquisition. You may be initiating a new recruitment or talent management strategy in response to skills shortages. Your initiative may involve setting up in a new location or growth or consolidation in international markets.

Teams managing group moves domestically or internationally would be prime candidates for showcasing their achievements. Equally deserving of recognition are those individuals raising cross-cultural awareness, and gender, age, racial, religious, sexual orientation and disability awareness. Training, mentoring and coaching initiatives as well as learning and development projects are all important in reflecting commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Size isn't important, provided you can demonstrate outstanding global leadership and excellence in inclusion and/or cultural awareness. The importance and value of international experience should be highlighted where appropriate.

Entrants must:

  • Highlight how your entry is inspirational and why you should win this award category
  • Explain how an exceptional quality and personalised experience is provided and to whom it applies
  • Demonstrate responsiveness, resource-efficiency and cost-effectiveness, showing how value is added to business outcomes
  • How you manage your own people so that they demonstrate commitment, engagement and passion in delivery of output

The judges will be looking for proof of consistently high standards and excellent service – for example, customer/client testimonials, feedback forms and/or survey results.

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Closing date for entries – Friday, 13 March 2020

Who can enter?

This award is open to all organisations, teams and individuals including corporates, HR and suppliers, private, public sector and not for profit working in an international context and/or recruiting from a global talent pool.

Should you wish to nominate an initiative, individual or team for this inclusion/cultural awareness award and require help with the process, please contact for assistance well ahead of the closing date of 13 March 2020.

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