This Is Us 2019

This Is Us Conference

Double Tree Hilton Milton Keynes October 7, 2019. This is Us is hosting its second annual, and largest diversity conference in Milton Keynes. This Is Us is designed to advance LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Organised by Meena Chander, Owner of Events Together, This Is Us is working with businesses to address LGBT bias in the workplace, and create real time solutions and better practice.

Meena Chander, Conference Director, says: “Issues surrounding LGBTQ+ individuals within the workplace can have severe, ongoing effects. As leaders, we must address these issues and work together to create permanent solutions. By creating more opportunities for dialogue, and working as allies, we can help to build and offer more support, trust and create environments where individuals can thrive.”

The conference will provide a full programme of resources. Talks, panels and workshops, hosted by large companies and organisations and will showcase best practice, offer training materials, address and facilitate important conversations around LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity. These conversations will revolve around LGBTQ+ rights, and will host speakers from key members of the community including founder of SEE Change Happen Jo Lockwood and award winning trans model Jacqui Gavin, who is also chair of this event. 

After working with gay mentors and seeing their struggles firsthand, Meena established the This Is Us Conference in Milton Keynes to work with companies to create working allies to help support the LGBTQ+ community and to reach out and benefit local businesses of all sizes. Various studies have proven over again that a more diverse and inclusive workforce leads to increased productivity, and greater success. People from different backgrounds can share different ideas and work together in more creative ways. People tend to perform better at work when they feel accepted and can be themselves. Milton Keynes has a wealth of organisations, which Meena wants to tap into to help progress the business community and make it thoroughly supportive of LGBTQ+ employees. 

Meena concludes,“All of us, as leaders, are committed to making a difference in our workplaces and communities, and This Is Us is giving them the platform to do so. Taking action, and identifying the changes that are needed within our business has the power to change behaviours and make an impact.” 


  • D & I Leaders
  • HR & Recruitment Professionals
  • SMEs
  • Educational Establishments
  • Learning & Development Professionals
  • Members of Internal / External LGBTQ+ Networks / Alliances


  • Develop a clear understanding of corporate diversity
  • Learn practical ways to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace environment
  • How to communicate inclusion
  • Realise the importance of non-LGBTQ+ Allies and Role Models 
  • Understand sensitivity to multiple discrimination 
  • Bridging the gap between education & the workplace


  • To hear insight from D & I experts
  • Gain practical tips to be a more inclusive organisation
  • Share best practice
  • Network with Industry Professionals

Event Details:

Date:         Monday, 07 October 2019

Times:       08:00-18:00 hrs approx.

Venue:      Doubletree Hilton, Stadium Way West, Milton Keynes. MK11ST

Registration is now open to attend the event, tickets can be purchased for £65.00 + VAT.  If you would like to showcase what your business is doing around LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity, or would like to partner or sponsor with This Is Us please contact Meena on

For further information on the current Speaker line-up and to book your place, please visit

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