In today’s competitive global economy, there is inherent value in providing made-to-measure mobility solutions, over off-the-rack alternatives. Having been in the business of talent relocation since 1978, TheMIGroup understands that relocation is a highly unique and complex process; every organisation and relocating employee has their own set of needs, and therefore a one-size-fits-all approach to mobility just doesn’t make sense.

At TheMIGroup, our priority is to take the time to create partnerships with our clients that result in a deeper understanding of their needs, allowing us to develop custom-tailored solutions.  Our model is built around a single point of responsibility, and our empowered employees are accountable and solutions-focused to get the right fit from the start.

Whether relocating talent regionally or overseas, TheMIGroup has the experience and range of services to deliver a seamless relocation experience.  From a total outsource of the relocation function or a selection of individual services, our people can match your exact level of required support.  From corporate policy and planning to assignment preparation and management, we’re just a better fit. 

Operating in nearly every country worldwide, TheMIGroup is proud of our extensive range of capabilities, including:

·         Global Programme Management

·         Assignment Management Services

·         International and Intra-Country Relocation

·         Global Compensation Services

·         Worldwide Moving

·         Supply Chain Management

·         À la carte services

TheMIGroup – Just a better fit.

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