EuRA International Relocation Congress 2017 Warsaw

EuRA 2017 Conference in Warsaw

When: 25th to 28th April 2017
Where: Warsaw

Conference sessions include:

  • Stealth Expats
  • Africa and Asia
  • Brexit: the Impact on Europe
  • Handling Data: New EU Directives Explained
  • The Sharing Economy: Whose Beds Are Your Assignees Staying In?
  • Proving Your Expertise: Pathways to EuRA Qualifications
  • KISS Your Client: Continuous Improvement in DSP Delivery
  • The Next Generation of Mobility Professionals
  • Managing Expatriate Risk
  • And many more

Conference speakers and moderators include:

  • Tad Zurlinden, EuRA CEO
  • Anita Meyer, EuRA President 
  • Carmelina Lawton Smith, Director of Education EuRA, 
  • Wendy Wilson EuRA, Training Consultant
  • Peggy Smith WERC
  • Steve Cryne, CERC
  • Jo Layton, The Apartment Service
  • Coralie Pringle, InTouch
  • Andreas Krensel, IBN
  • Shelly Warner/ElisabethWoodhams/Dornet Venturanza: Reloc8 Asia Pacific
  • Gordon Kerr, Morton Fraser
  • Sophy King, Peregrine Immigration
  • Simon Scott Santa Fe
  • Daniel Danko, Graebel
  • Lesley Putnam, Crown
  • Shabina Awan, The Apartment Service
  • Tony Chapman
  • And many more

 For more information about EuRA International Relocation Congress 2017 Warsaw, visit the EuRA website.  

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