Re:locate Perspectives video: Diversity and inclusion

Bill Graebel, President and CEO of Graebel Companies, talks to Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor of Re:locate Global about the importance of diversity, inclusion and developing women leaders.

This is the fifth and final excerpt from the first interview in Relocate's Perspectives series, in which relocation specialist, Fiona Murchie, talks to industry leaders about what is driving change in global markets and how the relocation industry is responding and preparing for the future.Graebel is well known for its huge presence in the international removals industry, but is also a leading international relocation management company, extending its services not only to the North American market but to Asia and Europe and beyond, serving 165 countries and is widely recognised as an industry leader.To see Bill Graebel talking about the importance of agility in business, click hereTo see the second excerpt with Bill Graebel discussing the use of technology tools in designing relocation policies, click hereTo see the third excerpt on what the future holds for global mobility, click hereFor the fourth video excerpt on change in the global mobility industry, click hereTo watch the video interview in full, click hereFor more Re:locate news and features about Graebel and managing international assignments, click hereDon't miss the Winter 2015 issue of Re:locate magazine, click here for moreTo find out more:
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