Re:locate charity initiative: A Gift of Time

Over the summer, participants in Re:locate charity initiative A Gift of Time have been proving that contributing to good causes and increasing the value of their organisation's corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects can be fun.

In support of Topshop's Key to Freedom project, we sent five silk scarves on a fundraising world tour of companies in the relocation sector. Key to Freedom supports the Women's Interlink Foundation (WIF), a charity that works with vulnerable young women in India's West Bengal. We were thrilled with the enthusiasm that greeted our initiative. See our Facebook page for photos of the scarves and some of their proud wearers, including staff from immigration specialist Smith Stone Walters, removals company John Mason International, and serviced accommodation provider The Apartment Service. At the Re:locate charity networking party on Thursday 28 November, these globetrotting accessories will be auctioned to raise funds for WIF.

Magpie celebrates ten years

Another of the charities we are supporting, Magpie Dance, has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. From fundraising to support via CSR projects, Magpie would love your help. See our website for details. Take part!We have a list of charities needing your help, and would be delighted to hear about your CSR projects. Let us know if you would like extra help from across the industry, or if you can offer some professional time to a project. Our charities also welcome donations to their funds. Contact Vanessa McConnell or Fiona Murchie on +44 (0)1892 891334, or email

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