Scotland Yard rejects UAE maps of London 'danger areas'

Scotland Yard was left quietly seething after the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) foreign ministry issued maps of "dangerous areas" in London that visitors should avoid.

Scotland Yard was left quietly seething after the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) foreign ministry issued maps of “dangerous areas” in London that visitors should avoid.The areas included many of the West End’s most popular shopping destinations, such as Oxford Street, Bond Street, Soho, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road.According to the UAE, the areas had high rates of pickpocketing and theft. "This area includes the famous Selfridges, which attracts many Emiratis," added the foreign ministry.The warning is believed to have been issued following two attacks on Emiratis earlier this year, when three sisters were injured in an attack in their Marble Arch hotel and a couple were robbed at gunpoint in a flat in Paddington.Alia Al Mazroui, a businesswoman who was one of the founders of the UK's Just Falafel restaurant chain, told the Guardian that the fatal stabbing in June of a 31-year-old Saudi student near an Essex nature reserve had also had a "huge effect".However, Metropolitan Police Commander Mak Chishty said, "There is absolutely nowhere in London that should be avoided."We understand the incident involving Emirati nationals earlier this year was shocking, but it was also very, very rare. London is one of the safest major cities in the world. Crime continues to fall, and overall crime in Westminster is down by 16.4 per cent."Police presence is high, and post-Ramadan, with the traditional influx of visitors from the UAE, we reviewed our policing plans so we have a strong presence from our policing teams and officers working in plain clothes."We are also profiling busy times of the week when visitor spots and iconic destinations in central London become busy."

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