International schools around the world celebrate exam success

Many international schools around the globe are celebrating the success of their students who have received A level and IB Diploma Programme results.

Students getting exam results

A level successes

Taaleem’s Dubai British School in the United Arab Emirates celebrated a 100 per cent pass rate in its A level results, with 13 percent of students achieving A* or A grades in three or more of their subjects.  “These are world class results in any context,” Principal Mark Ford told Re:locate. “A-level qualification will be, for many of our students, the gateway to the rest of their lives,” he added.The British School in The Netherlands had a 99 per cent pass rate in its A level results with 64 per cent of grades at either A*, A or B (compared with the UK average of 52.8 per cent). 49 per cent of the students gained A*, A or B in all three of their subjects.The British School in Tokyo tweeted that 50 per cent of its A level students achieved an A* or A and 75 per cent of students received grade B or above.GEMS international schools in the UAE announced that 65 per cent of its students who took A level exams achieved A*, A or B. There was significant achievement at GEMS Westminster School in Dubai where 43 per cent of students obtained an A* or A.

IB Diploma achievements

In July, students at international schools that studied the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) received their results.At ACS Egham, an international school in England, 30 percent of its class of 2015 achieved 40 points or above. One ACS Egham student celebrated achieving the full 45 points. This year, full marks were awarded to just 160 of all 141,831 students from around the globe who received their results from the IBDP May 2015 examinations.  The two other ACS international schools, at Cobham and Hillingdon in England, enjoyed successful results with 20 per cent of their students achieving 40 points or above.St Paul’s School, an international school in São Paulo, Brazil announced that seven students had scored 40 or more points. Of all IBDP students at the school, an average score of 77 per cent of the maximum 45 points was achieved.At the British International School of Boston in the US, IBDP students earned an average of 34 points. And Byron College, the British International School in Athens, Greece celebrated a 100 per cent pass rate.Pamoja Education, which provides all the online IBDP courses around the world, said that 83 per cent of all students who studied one of their subjects online gained a grade 4 or above. 33 per cent of all Pamoja students gained a grade 6 or 7.Both the IBDP and A levels are studied at The British School of Brussels in Belgium giving students a choice of internationally recognised qualifications. 100 per cent of those students who took the IB Diploma passed, and students taking A levels achieved a 99 per cent pass rate.Re:locate Global's new Guide to International Education & Schools, to be published in September, will be an invaluable resource for relocating families and the HR decision-makers, global managers and relocation professionals who support and advise them.

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