CEO and author Margaret Heffernan to deliver CIPD 2016 keynote speech

Influential entrepreneur, CEO and author Margaret Heffernan will open this year’s CIPD annual conference and exhibition tomorrow (Wednesday 9 November).

Margaret Heffernan CEO, author and CIPD 2016 keynote speaker
Focusing on collaboration, innovation and creativity in the new world of work, Ms Heffernan will bring insights from her successful involvement in the communications and technology sectors to delegates at the CIPD 2016 annual conference and exhibition in Manchester, which takes place on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 November.Acclaimed as one of the Internet’s Top 100 in 1999 by Silicon Alley Reporter, one of the Top 25 by Streaming Media magazine and one of the Top 100 Media Executives by The Hollywood Reporter, Ms Heffernan has played a definitive role in shaping the fast-changing media and technology sectors that are significant influences on our work, business and everyday lives.Drawing on two of her recent publications, Wilful Blindness and Beyond Measure, as well as her popular TED Talks, Ms Heffernan will state her belief that the future of work relies heavily on social capital.She will also explore and examine the cultures, people and processes that support the relationship between thriving organisations and productive employees.Ms Heffernan explained to Re:locate magazine ahead of the conference her thoughts on the important role of social capital at work: “Without social capital, nobody can achieve very much of any importance. The kinds of work we do these days requires more information, expertise and insight than any one person can have alone — so we depend absolutely on our ability to collaborate. This requires that people appreciate that success is not a solo activity, but depends fundamentally on the people and relationships around you.”This year's conference from the professional body for HR and people development will host over 50 speakers and around 4,000 delegates over the two days. Relocate's preview of what's likely to be on offer also introduces the key themes and context for the sold-out conference and free exhibition.

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