Company values a 'deal-breaker' for job candidates

Half of UK professionals would consider turning down job offers from companies that don’t share their purpose, according to LinkedIn research.

LinkedIn HR survey. Company Values important
New research released by LinkedIn today reveals that thousands of UK businesses could be missing out on hiring top talent by not doing enough to promote their company’s values to prospective candidates.The global HR survey found that more than one-half of UK professionals (52 per cent) consider the sharing of an organisation’s purpose or values a deal-breaker. Despite this, only a minority of UK employers currently promote their company’s values or purpose when advertising roles.Individuals considering international assignments are perhaps one of the most important groups when it comes to awareness of company values. Moving abroad brings with it considerations of the country’s culture that can heavily influence the values and purpose of a company. Failure by the employer to communicate these values effectively early on could lead to problems for both the employer and the employee further down the line.More than one-third of the HR and recruiting professionals surveyed said their values were not included on their company’s website. Many businesses also fail to promote their values at the most crucial time – during the hiring process. Two-thirds of employers admitted they do not mention the organisation’s values during interviews and only 27 per cent include them in job ads.One-in-ten HR and recruiting professionals admitted that they were unable to articulate their own company’s values, highlighting that the problem may be the result of a knowledge gap.Dan Dackombe, director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, said, “UK companies risk falling into a values vacuum by not being clear on what they stand for or believe in. Today’s professionals are more informed and aware of the culture and purpose of potential employers, and are increasingly making career decisions based on these factors.“Simple things like making sure your company values are reflected in job ads, mentioned in interviews and included on your LinkedIn Company Page can help employers get noticed and make the difference when it comes to winning the best talent.”Jeroen Wels, VP of Organisation and Talent for Unilever, commented, "Our experience recruiting top talent echoes LinkedIn’s findings. We invest a lot of time and energy in making sure we communicate our values effectively and authentically so that potential new hires know what Unilever stands for, including our purpose, culture and principles. Through a robust content strategy, we have been able to give a real insight into life at Unilever.“Having an authentic employer brand that engages with our current and future employees is one of the key ways we can attract and retain top talent.”

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