Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Dispatch: Canada, Turkey and UK

Pro-Link GLOBAL reports on the key changes to immigration in Canada, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Canadian railroad

Canada: Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) soon to be mandatory for visa-exempt nationalities

Effective March 15, 2016 the Canadian government will make the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) program mandatory for all visa-waiver nationals.First introduced in August 2015, the program requires that visa-waiver nationals traveling to Canada by air obtain an eTA prior to their travel. A list of foreign nationals requiring an eTA can be found here. Note that the eTA requirement does not apply to US citizens and is not needed if a traveller is entering Canada at a land or sea port.In order to obtain an eTA, applicants complete an online application and pay a small processing fee of CAD $7.00. Every traveller must submit a separate application; if a child(ren) is noted on a passport a separate eTA application must be completed for each traveller.Once issued, the eTA electronically links to a passport (no physical visa stamp will be issued) and is valid for five years, or for the remaining validity of the applicant's passport (whichever period is shorter). Applicants must travel with the passport used to apply for the eTA; getting a new passport requires a new eTA.Most often, applicants receive a confirmation email within minutes; however, due to the new system there may be some technical difficulties. Applicants are advised to apply as soon as they know they are traveling to Canada.

Immigration changes from around the world

Turkey: Authorities announce changes to 2016 minimum salary requirements

Turkish authorities increased the minimum wage by 30 per cent to TRY 1,647 per month (TRY 19,764 annually). The increase is much higher than expected and will be in place for one year as opposed to six months. This change affects several classifications of expatriates in Turkey, including the following:
  • Senior management, board members – must earn at least TRY 128,472 annually
  • Managers – must earn at least TRY 79,056 annually
  • Experts, specialists – must earn at least TRY 59,292 annually
  • Sales assistants – must earn at least TRY 29,64, annually
  • Tourism and entertainment – must earn at least TRY 39,528 annually
  • Household employees – must earn at least TRY 29,652 annually

United Kingdom: Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) published recommended changes to Tier 2 Immigration Route

Stemming from fears of significant overuse, the UK authorities recently commissioned an independent review of the popular Tier 2 Immigration Route. The review, undertaken by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), was published on 19 January and contained significant recommendations for changes to the Tier 2 stream.

Reminders: Recent and upcoming immigration implementations

The following are reminders of recent or upcoming implementation dates that you should know:
  • February 1–5, 2016: All Pro-Link GLOBAL offices will be engaged in company-wide meetings. During this time, the response to emails will be delayed. Pro-Link GLOBAL appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • February 7–13, 2016: All Chinese government offices and many private businesses will be closed in observance of the Chinese Spring Festival, including Pro-Link GLOBAL's China Offices. Companies sending employees to China for work or business travel should take close note of these closures as no immigration-related filings will be accepted and processing times will be delayed.
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