Romania embarks on campaign to lure IT workers from the UK

A campaign has been launched aimed at convincing British IT staff to relocate to Romania in the wake of the 'leave' vote in June's referendum on membership of the European Union.

Bucharest, Romania
Head Hunting IT, a central and eastern European IT recruitment company, has launched the ‘Remain, Leave or Relocate’ campaign with the backing of Nestlers Group Global, an immigration and relocation service provider based in Bucharest.The irony, perhaps, is that a key issue for the 'leave' campaign in the run-up to the referendum was the number of Romanians and other Eastern Europeans arriving in Britain because of the EU's free movement of labour policy.Head Hunting IT said in a statement on Wednesday, "Brexit is the main reason why the company decided to reach out to the UK’s tech talents and offer them great job opportunities in a country that remains in the EU – Romania."At present, the Romanian IT workforce need is estimated to be at 15,000, while the number of IT graduates is only 7,000 per annum. According to the European Commission, there is currently a deficit of 500,000 IT specialists in the EU."A recent survey shows that 87 per cent of British technology companies, including Microsoft UK, were against leaving the EU, and 70 per cent of these companies were concerned that a positive vote would harm London’s authority as a technology hub."

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The campaign claims the benefits of IT specialists relocating to Romania include opportunities within successful IT companies in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca and competitive salaries allied with a much lower cost of living than in the UK. On offer is assistance in finding accommodation and legal advice, cultural guidelines and country briefing.Razvan Rada, Head Hunting IT’s general manager, said, "We consider that Brexit has profound social and political implications for the UK, which will probably affect the economy over the long term."Our company is targeting IT specialists living and working in the UK and who might start feeling uncomfortable in this type of political climate, even though they’re not at risk of losing their jobs."The IT industry, and creative industries in general, tend to thrive in countries and cities characterised by social, religious and ethnic harmony, where such diversity develops naturally, and is not just a result of political correctness. From this point of view, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca are starting to be examples to follow for other European cities."Elena Antoneac, Nestlers Group head of operations, added, "Romania is one of the most attractive locations for the IT&C sector for several reasons: first, the salary income tax exemption applied to the software industry, a measure designed to help and encourage the IT industry and investors; second, according to the 2015 Crime and Safety Report issued by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security within the US Department of State, Romania’s crime rating and political violence level are deemed as low, making Romania one of the safest countries in the EU; and third, the cost of living in Bucharest compared to London."The campaign is not the first by Romanians since the referendum trying to attract British migrants. Bucharest newspaper Gandul has launched a "Romanians for Remainians" campaign calling for Britons to "leave the Brexiters, the quarrelling and the weather behind" and "start brand new life".Meanwhile, a Facebook campaign, Transylvania Beyond, has been launched trying to lure British entrepreneurs to the land forever associated with Dracula.

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