Employers must be aware of work-related stress, says survey

Almost half of UK workers know someone who has been forced to give up work as a result of stress, according to a recent survey from Capita Employee Benefits.

Work-related stress
The Employee Insight Report used information from interviews with more than 3,000 employees and assessed the nation’s financial wellbeing. The report also looked further into employee’s attitudes regarding areas such as pensions, retirement, benefits, savings and health in the workplace.It is important for companies relocating employees to be aware of the additional stress that may arise due to relocations and be prepared to support individuals throughout the process. The survey, undertaken by Capita Employee Benefits, has revealed that 44 per cent of UK workers know a colleague who has given up work directly as a result of stress.Only 10 per cent of those questioned said there was an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) available at their workplace. On top of this, just 33 per cent said they would feel comfortable talking to their employer if they had a mental health issue such as depression.The research, released on World Mental Health Day (10 October 2016), highlights the need for employers to be proactive and take positive steps towards ensuring employees feel supported in the workplace.

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Karim Peer, CEO of financial wellbeing company, Balmoral Financial, commented, “With 19 per cent of employees stating that their financial worries affect their work, businesses need to take the lead when it comes to erasing the stigma around financial struggles. Instead of risking the damage to their reputation, employees are suffering in silence, which impacts their health, wellbeing and performance at work.“Those in HR or management should make sure that they consider the differing needs of their workforce. Research from Balmoral Financial has found that only 12 per cent of HR professionals offer solutions tailored to their staff, with 44 per cent stating that they have a standard company package.“Recognising that each individual will need a set of benefits tailored to their preferences is essential to starting a conversation around money matters, as an employee’s requirements can be driven by multiple circumstances and life stages.”

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