Time to Talk Day 2018: Two-thirds find no time to talk

A study marking Time to Talk Day show two-thirds of people have no one to talk to about personal problems, as the awareness day goes global for the first time.

Time to Talk Day
Over 2,600 adults across the UK were surveyed on their mental health for the report, which revealed 66% feel they have no one to talk to about topics such as mental health, money problems and relationships.Never being able to find the right time or place was the most common reason why in the independent survey, which aims to get people talking more openly about mental health on Time to Talk Day 2018 and beyond. 

Finding the right time and place to talk 

Mental health campaign body Time to Change, which leads the awareness day, says the research means many people are missing out on support from those around them because they cannot find the perfect time and place to open up.The research coincides with publication of another new study reporting a "sharp increase" in workplace mental health issues.To support the findings, the theme of this year’s Time to Talk Day is Right Time, Any Place, which the organisers hope will provide everyone with the chance to be more open about mental health.
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Time to Talk message goes international

For the first time, the message will also go global with support from campaigns as far as the USA and Hong Kong, which will also help people, their partners and families on international assignments hear the message.A recent study found that mental health and wellbeing worries, including loneliness, can be higher among internationally mobile employees than the general working populations. For men following their partners overseas on assignments, loneliness can also a be common problem, exacerbated by time zones and the distance between established support networks.

Embracing the power to change lives

Sue Baker OBE, director of Time to Change, said: “People still think there is no right time or place to talk about mental health – that it’s something that should be whispered about in quiet corners. We all need to work hard to change and remove the barriers to talking."Conversations have the power to change lives, wherever they take place. So, whether you’re at home, at work, in the cinema, or even in the car, Time to Talk Day is the perfect chance to be more open about mental health.”
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