Leading independent school showcases their Olympic talent

One of the UK’s leading independent schools is celebrating with its former students as it continues to build a strong reputation for creating and training Olympians.

Tom Daley and Ruta Meilutyte
Plymouth College, which has been established for over 139 years, has nine former students and one current student competing in the 2016 Games in Rio, with some medals already under the belt, the school is optimistic about the school’s record of producing bronze, silver and gold medallists.James Friendship, spokesperson for Plymouth College, believes the College has the right components to develop and mature athletes and high achievers in performance sports.“Since the programme’s inception, our athletes have won Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European titles; broken World, Commonwealth and European records; won gold medals at every major international competition on the calendar and have taken over 100 British and English records.”
“The number of our athletes with international experience is now in excess of 70, with the majority of this number having been selected for Great Britain and/or England. Our athletes have broken National records across thirty different nations around the world. As a College we have worked hard to develop a world class programme which delivers success academic as well as performance sports”
As one of the top swimming schools in the UK the College is naturally pleased to have so many former students out in Rio and believe it is a credit to the ethic of the coaches and students’ commitment.Jon Rudd, Director of Swimming for Plymouth College and an Olympic Coach at the Rio Games believes the success is down to the attitude and partnership between students and coaching staff. “We simply provide the right environment, the quality training and work hard with the students. Hard work, dedication and a sense of partnership are key to achieving success whether it is completive sport, business or another profession”.Since the games opened, the College has seen a flurry of interest in their programme and has had requests for more information about what it takes to be an Olympic athlete. Having had so many students go on to be Olympians, Mr Friendship believes people are curious to know more about the school that creates Olympians.
“We’re launching a section on our website where people can see the back story of some of our students who are competing out in Rio as well as other national and international competitions. Our students spend years and months training for a few moments which decide whether it’s bronze, silver or gold. We want to celebrate their dedication and commitment to be an Olympian.”
The section on Plymouth College's website containing videos, photos and commentary was launched on Friday 12 August.

Plymouth College athlete list includes:

  • Tom Daley (diving - GB - Synchronized 10m platform diving)

  • Ruta Meilutyte (swimming - Lithuainia - Women's 100m breaststroke)

  • Ben Proud (swimming - GB - Men's 100m Freestyle and Men's 50m Freestyle)

  • Lara Butler (swimming - Caymen Islands - Women's 100m backstroke)

  • Jamila Lunkuse (swimming - Uganda - Women's 100m breaststroke)

  • Paulina Schmiedel (swimming - Germany - 4x100m Freestyle)

  • Julie Meynen (swimming - Luxembourg - Women's 100m Freestyle and Women's 50m Freestyle)

  • Jade Howard (swimming - Zambia - Women's 100m Freestyle)

  • Jeff Butler (Geoffery Butler) (Lara's brother) (Swimmer - Caymen Islands - Men's 400m Freestyle)

  • Ahmed Attellesey (Swimmer - Libya - Men's 50m Freestyle)