Struggling Greeks turn to UK jobs market

The number of Greeks hunting for jobs in the UK has sky-rocketed in the last couple of weeks as the country's debt crisis has reached a crescendo.

Greek flag
CV-Library, the biggest jobs board in the UK, says its traffic from Greece has reached a record high in July. It expects its traffic from Greece to double this month compared to June."It’s alarming but not surprising that interest from Greek workers looking for jobs in the UK is increasing so rapidly," said Lee Biggins, managing director of CV-Library, quoted by The Telegraph. "There is clearly an interest amongst Greek workers to look for work outside of Greece, in anticipation of what lies ahead."He said that job searches typically slow at the start of summer, but that the figures have exceeded the highest point in January, which is typically the busiest time of year.46 per cent of the Greek job searchers are between 25 and 34, according to the site.Greece has the highest unemployment rate in Europe at 26.5 per cent. Its underemployment rate is also the largest in the region at 72 per cent. Unemployment is particularly serious for those aged between 15 and 24 at 52.4 per cent.Since Greece failed to make a €1.6 billion repayment to the IMF at the end of June the situation in Greece has worsened for its citizens. The government has imposed capital controls, resulting in limits on the amount Greeks are able to withdraw from banks.The Greek government has agreed to terms on a third bailout deal, but it comes with even tougher austerity measures than the country was subjected to previously.Greece will have to reform its civil justice system, agree to more privatisation, make market reforms and review collective bargaining. For Greece to recieve its new funds the deal must also still be agreed by several other parliaments in the eurozone.For more news and articles like this, see Re:locate's Enterprise section.