Software aims to streamline visa process for corporate travel

New cloud-based software, VisaPort Corporate aims to take the pain out of the process of visa applications for travel departments.

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VisaPort Corporate is a free cloud based solution that aims to help companies to set up a corporate travel program quickly, for little or no cost. The developers claim that companies can manage their travel requirements through a self service fully customisable and white label corporate travel portal with features including traditional full-service airline bookings, global hotel chains, boutique accomodations, travel insurance, a wide range of rental car companies and an integrated visa information and application process.VisaPort's booking system claims to reduce booking time, lower travel agent fees and ensure bookings comply with corporate travel policies. Coupled with the VisaPort Smartphone app, which now includes full support for the Corporate Portal, travellers should have the ability to change their flights themselves and receive real-time travel alerts, offline itinerary access and more while on the move.One aspect of the VisaPort Corporate edition is the ability for employees to coordinate their travel plans with other colleagues, departments and other related subsidiaries. This is achieved through the Travel Agenda feature, which enables individuals to first add themselves to a travel agenda, and then process the entire bookings as a single transaction, ensuring that every member of the team can attend the meetings.The Corporate Travel advisory solution also enables companies to keep track of the movements of their employees, issue travel alerts and help to keep them safe.Features include budget control, corporate travel policy schema, corporate travel policy designer, expense management, extensive reporting and analysis, employee management ERP system and corporate travel advisory.VisaPort Corporate is integrated into the eGoVisa Framework ensuring that corporate travellers can search over 15,000 visa types from across the world as well as over 34,000 embassies and outposts with new visas and embassies being added every day. Every detail of the visa, including cost, entry conditions, document requirements and lead times is available. Users can test if they qualify using the Document Matrix Logic which compares the user's enrolment against the visa requirements.Because framework members have pre-enrolled or have been enrolled through the corporate portal, the visa application process does not require employee to input any data when applying for visas. The framework manages the individual's details including their biometrics, supporting documents and travel documents. The framework ensures that this data is only shared with the explicit permission of the traveller. The visa application can be presented either electronically (directly to participating embassies and consulates) or in hard copy form, which can be printed by the applicant.VisaPort has been four years in development by UK company eGoVisa and CEO Ghassan Matar said, "Any company which has employees who travel frequently on business will know that applying for a visa is a difficult and time consuming business. Our system is the only solution on the market that has integrated the Visa application process into a corporate travel portal. With our unique solution, companies can cut as much as 25 per cent from the corporate travel budget, making it the natural choice for any organisation with a requirement to move employees from point A to B and back safely while giving them completely mobility with a self service solution."For more Re:locate news and features about Technology, click here