Randstad's new virtual reality guide brings HR to life

The latest edition of Randstad’s annual HR guide has for the first time been published in an animated and interactive digital format.

Echoing life-simulation games like The Sims, the human resource consulting firm’s digital HR handbook, WorkPocket, offers 200 articles accessed by user interaction with 80 different scenarios.HR professionals, employers, line managers and employees can navigate through a virtual world of work – WordPocket World – containing a number of common and realistic situations, including alcohol abuse, maternity leave and equal pay.Mixing hard and soft HR issues, the advice ranges from on-boarding new starters and drafting offer letters, to employee rights and the latest legislation, social media, pay and reward, learning and development, leadership and employer brand.

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Gamifying HR guidance

By gamifying (integrating elements of videogames into non-games-related software) its HR guide, Randstad believes the information will be more accessible, memorable and relevant to people interacting with it. It also hopes the guide will help deliver best practice more widely.“HR is a constantly evolving and often complex environment,” commented Mark Bull, UK CEO of global recruiter Randstad. “It’s hard enough for the pros, but ludicrous to think that hard-pushed business owners and line managers should be able to keep track of every aspect of the employment cycle.“In the past, WorkPocket has proved to be a popular resource for time-strapped smaller business owners and HR professionals. In taking the step to digitise the handbook for the 13th edition, we’re hoping to make this vital information even more accessible.“Creating a fun and interactive platform where people can visualise countless scenarios and effortlessly search for information on the area they’re interested in will add value for all kinds of user and ensure HR best practice at every level.”

HR, mobility and technology

The latest incarnation of Randstad’s HR guide, follows progress in the relocation, global mobility and business travel fields towards using more digital platforms to improve the effectiveness and productivity of assignments.Re:locate Technological Innovation award-winner Going There’s GT Global Tracker app, MOVE Guides’ Talent Mobility Cloud 2.0, Graebel’s MQ Insights and Crown World Mobility’s latest virtual home search tool are a handful of examples of the direction of travel for technology in the mobility sector.

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