Relocate Global Guide to International Education & Schools

We will be publishing our new Relocate Global Guide to International Education & Schools for 2015/16.

Education Guide 2015
Aimed at relocating parents, employers and relocation professionals, this new annual guide will provide lively editorial, and practical advice for anyone involved in supporting employees and their families on the move, with plenty of reassuring articles for parents making crucial decisions about children's education in a new location. There will also be a directory with details of global schools, ideally positioned in relocation hotspots around the world.Available in printed format and digitally via our new App, this guide will be an invaluable resource for parents researching and securing those crucial school places. For busy HR departments and relocation professionals it will provide the essential education and schooling background information they need.The lively, colourful and engaging features our readers love are accompanied by practical advice on choosing a school and curriculum choices in different regions of the world including China, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, USA and Europe.We know that education and school choices are at the heart of any major family move; in fact, family issues consistently sit at the top of the list of critical challenges to relocation assignment success. We recognise that the number of international schools across the globe is expanding at an astonishing rate but in numerous areas there is a shortage of places. Many relocating families now demand the security of a school place before accepting a new assignment. We therefore appreciate how important it is for HR to be informed about the issues, to help families make the right choices for their children.This guide will be a fantastic resource for HR, relocation professionals and parents alike.To reserve your copy contact or call +44 (0) 1892 891334.To advertise, or to be included in the print and online directory, email or call +44 (0) 1892 891334.

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